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Tower Cranes in UAE

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About Tower Cranes

Tower Cranes

A tower crane can lift up to 18 metric tonnes and is commonly used in the construction of tall structures and is bolted to the ground for stability. It is used to lift tools, concrete, steel, generators and other building materials from the ground to the top of a building that is under construction. It can also be fixed to a building and lift or drop materials from any part of a building. The advantages tower cranes have over other cranes include higher vertical height and lesser space required for operation. Tower cranes also aid in keeping construction workers safe.

Tower cranes consist of three basic parts the base, the mast or the tower, the slewing unit, a long horizontal jib, a short horizontal machinery arm and the operator’s cab. The base of the crane is attached to a concrete pad which supports the crane, and the mast is attached to the base of the crane. The slewing unit is attached to the top of the tower and has a gear and a motor which allows the crane to rotate. The long horizontal jib, the short horizontal machinery arm and the operator’s cab are attached at the top of the slewing unit. The long horizontal jib is the part of the crane that carries the load and is also called the ‘working arm.’ The shorter horizontal machinery arm consists of large concrete counterweights and also the motors and the electronics of the crane.

There are different types of tower cranes that are used for different applications such as a luffing tower crane, a-frame tower crane, flat top tower crane, self-erecting tower crane, and portal tower crane. One of the most popular locations in UAE to get in touch with manufacturers, suppliers and crane rental companies are Al Qusais industrial area 2 in Dubai.