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About Used Heavy Equipment

Used Heavy Equipment in UAE

Machinery tent to reduce in monetary value over time as usage tends to cause wear and tear. But the decrease in the asset value does not mean they cannot carry out the job effectively. With very few repairs on the damaged parts, they can function up to the expectations. Investing in used heavy equipment machinery reduces the investment cost. The value of the machine is calculated by considering the model, the making year and the present condition of integral operating parts. Even if there is an obsolescence condition on a few parts, they are replaced with branded parts to function effectively. Listed here with us are the top used heavy equipment machinery suppliers, dealers and distributors in the UAE. They stock a wide range of construction heavy equipment machinery to choose from as per the project requirement.

Shell Caterpillar Used Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are part of construction equipment often seen standing between buildings which are under construction or renovation. They help to lift and move heavy or bulk construction materials around the project site. Listed used heavy equipment dealers supply the branded shell and caterpillar tower cranes. They have well-maintained tower cranes with hoist ropes, chains, sheaves etc.

Used Caterpillar & Toyota Forklifts

There are multiple types of forklift categories available in the market. The forklift classifications are delegated as per the power of the forklifts and the lifting capacity of the machine. Listed used heavy equipment suppliers hold a range of forklifts that includes rider lift trucks, narrow pallet lifting trucks, aisle trucks with cushion tyres and many more. They have forklifts with a lifting capacity ranging from 2.5 tons to 42 tons.

Used Komatsu Bulldozers, Excavator Pittsford

Bulldozers and excavators are the most integral part of construction machinery projects. Crawl bulldozers, wheel bulldozers and mini bulldozers are the most commonly used heavy equipment machinery for shallow digging, spreading soil and levelling the floor. Get used bulldozers with the horsepower of 89HP to 105HP with operating weights ranging from 19842lbs to 22817lbs. The blade capacity ranges from 2.5 to 3.14 cubic meter yards.

Used Rigs and Soil Testing Machinery

A wide stock range of used rigs and soil testing machinery, which are easily portable. Machines operating in electrical and diesel engines are available. They offer every new type of vertical shaft handle at the best price in UAE.

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