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Uv And Ozone in UAE

About Uv And Ozone

Uv And Ozone

Water treatment has become a top priority to maintain clean water resources globally. Many water treatment facilities are established around the globe, and use various techniques to treat wastewater. Ozone was first used to treat water in the late 1800’s, most commonly in the USA and Europe. However, this technique is now one of the most commonly used techniques in the treatment of water. During the treatment process using ozone, various particles like iron, hydrogen sulfide, Manganese, and bacteria are removed. UV rays help break the molecular bonds in a microorganism’s DNA.

Some of the best technology to treat contaminated water, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) includes the use of UV and ozone treatment together. Both these treatments have been in use for a long time in treating water through the inactivation of pathogenic organisms. These organisms thrive in contaminated, unclean or unpurified water and are the main cause of several health conditions.

Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfecting agents available commercially, due to its high oxidizing potential. The combination of ozone and UV in the treatment of unsanitary water is extremely effective. It destroys organic contaminants easily, because of their high oxidizing potential. The entire procedure is very effective in oxidizing even the stubborn organic contaminants to a point where they are no longer a threat. This procedure or technique is much more preferred, due to the prevention of chemical use in treating unsanitary water.

Water sanitization and purification using various techniques like UV and ozone in UAE is a high priority system. UAE, mostly surrounded by desert, makes clean, consumable water a scarce resource. Several water purification and disinfecting plants already exist and are expanding. The timely availability of equipment, products, and other requirements are crucial in maintaining the supply of clean water. Which is why a smooth supply and availability of equipment and products used in the water purification with UV and ozone in UAE is required.

Local producers supply these water treatment products and equipment. Some suppliers of equipment used in treating water with UV and ozone in UAE even deal with imported products. Most producers and suppliers of water treatment equipment using UV and ozone in UAE can be found in Sharjah. There are prominent suppliers such as the ones in Hamriyah Free zone and Saif Zone.