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Oasis Fibreglass Factory LLC

Al Rayan Street, Old Industrial AreaUmm Al Quwain7169

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Business Description: 

Oasis Fibre Glass Factory L.L.C is one of the leading manufacturers of GRP (Glass Reinforced plastic) and GRC (Class Reinforced Cement) products and a trend setter in the gulf region. From the commencement of its venture, fiber glass Industries has kept its highest priority to provide high quality product to its customers. Quality is our main objective for all Productive at trade & consumer levels.

Oasis Fibre Glass Factory L.L.C ls considered as an innovative company for the last 30 years always striving to conceive and produce fibreglass products which match the functional and aesthetic aspirations of the user with well-performing factories and substained investment, Oasis Fibre Glass Factory L.L.C is constantly fighting to improve quality and design at every step of the manufacturing process to comply with the gulf & international standard and to ensure its high performance, Oasis Fibre Glass Factory L.L.C through testing adequately continuously its line of products, is achieving the best quality and durability The purpose of Oasis Fibre Glass Factory L.L.C is to create value for client companies through the provision of Exceptional requirement support and provide cost effective fibre products.

We provide structured and independent thinking to complement a consultant or contractors' initiatives, challenging dreams to consider the wider strategic perspectives of their decisions when considering the perfection of our products within their company. Strategic leadership and competitive advantage will always stem from the ability of a company to identify and attract the most outstanding market players into our company.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Products)

Our product range included sliders and swings, toilet Cubicle, shower cubicle, car parking sheds, water tanks, chemical tanks, cladding panels, decorative tiles, screening tiles and screens, pre-casting moulds for column and walls, bath tubs, shower trays, waffle moulds, A/C Trays, Gully pot and buckets, GRP Lining to underground RCC Water Tanks, sewage Manholes, Custom moulding etc. Steam room ceiling, Fish Tank, Steam room ladder; Etc.

GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement)

Our GRC product range includes screen, panels, window Frames, skin
panel Domes, claddings, Decorative Columns, sign Boards, parapets, outdoor cabins, custom Designed products etc.


* Panel Tanks
   -    Cold press
   -    hot press
* Cylindrical Tank
   -    Water storage tanks
   -    Plastic tank
   -    Septic tank & soak away
   -    Oil storage tank
   -    Chemical storage tank
* Lamination / Lining
   -    Under Ground RCC Water Storage Tank
   -    Swimming pool
   -    Pipe lines
   -    Drainage manholes
   -    Mild Steel Tanks
* Car Parking Sheds
   -    lslamic
   -    Arch Type
   -    C Type
   -    Wave Type
* Bathroom items
   -    Bath Tubs
   -    Shower Trays
* Fish Tank
* Corrugated roofing sheets
* Canopies
* Steam room ceiling
* Decorative domes & motifs
* Manhole, Grease trap & covers
* Gulley pots
* Chequered plate
* Decorative Wall Cladding
* Insulated doors
* Battery, Electrical & first aid boxes
* Steam room
* Flower pots
* Fire hose reel boxes
* Enclosure for electrical panels
* Kiosks
* Caravans
* Roof tiles (Decorative)
* Air condition drainage
* Pick up cabins
* Gratings
* Pinnacle