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Plastics And Plastic Products in Sharjah

Al Qaraien Plastic Bags Trading

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Near Al Ghuwair Market, Rolla, Sharjah6098506-5613596

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Alliance Plastics FZE

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A2-23, SAIF Zone, Sharjah804906-557393606-5573937

Categories: Plastics and Plastic Products | Packaging Materials

International Plastics FZC

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SAIF Zone, Sharjah12118206-557976606-5579767

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Mohd Suliman Rashid Hardware LLC

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Near Suncity Apartments, Asem Bin Qais St, Qasimia, Sharjah2922406-575560706-5755604

Categories: Hardware | Paint Merchants | Plastics and Plastic Products | Shelving and Storage Equipment

Shalimar Plastic Industry LLC

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Bin Laden R/A, Sharjah15106906-535178606-5351787

Categories: Plastics and Plastic Products

About Plastics and Plastic Products

Plastics And Plastic Products

Plastic and plastic products come in a wide range of choices in their size, thickness, color and other features. They are highly versatile and flexible, and are used in a large number of applications. Today, plastics can be designed to bear heavy weights, to resist high levels of heat and can be recycled, re used and re purposed. The term plastic is derived from two Greek terms that refer to something that can be molded and prepared to be framed. With respect to the terms the word is derived from, plastic can be easily molded, shaped and enhanced, making it ideal to produce or make almost anything.

Plastics and plastic products are waterproof and unlike metal, they do not rust or conduct current. Plastic food packaging is one of the most popular uses of plastic today. These food packaging products keep fresh, packaged and processed food well preserved. Special synthetic plastic that are resistant to heat can be used to make food hot in a microwave. Plastic is also used to make a complete range of items used to pack and package goods. These items are used to package all kinds of goods from furniture to food for storage, sale or transport. These include plastic films, boxes, containers, bottles, bags, sacks, pouches, and so on. Apart from this, plastic is also used to make furniture, car covers, pipes, cups, wire coatings, home fittings, and much more.

Plastic products are made from unique materials like PVC, PP and PE. Listed with us are renowned traders and producers that deal with world class plastics and plastic products in Sharjah. SAIF Zone, Al Wahda Street, Rolla and Asem Bin Qais Street are where some of the most well-known traders and producers of plastic products in Sharjah are set up.

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