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Valves in UAE

Rubaiya Zueaid Building Materials Company LLC

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RZBM is one of the largest distributor, retailer, wholesaler and supplier of Building Materials, Valves, Hardware, Plumbing, Electrical, Industrial Equipments, HVAC & lots more.

Al Zerwa Trading LLC

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Al Zerwa Trading Co LLC (Rashidiya) was established in the early 2003 and is one of the leading stockist and suppliers of all types of Valves, Pipes, Pipe fitting, Hydraulic clamp, Hydroline products and all other Oilfield Items. Over the past years, we have developed our stocks and client in GCC in collaboration with major European & American manufacturers around the globe strongly supporting our organization with product support and special productions covering the complete range of piping materials. We have exported all our products on a large scale to more than 30 countries and regions and our high quality products and strong international reputation in industries related to the Oil & Gas & Petrochemical are highly valued by foreign customers.

AADTRA (Atiq Al Dhaheri and Company)

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M 9, Mussafah Indl Area, Abu Dhabi, UAE4471902-554067602-5543740

Categories: Oilfield Equipment | Pressure Gauges | Stainless Steel Stockists | Valves | Pipes and Pipe Fittings

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ANBI General Trading LLC

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Opp to Panaroma & Jonrad Hotel, 119C, 6th Street, Dubai, UAE11208904-336137704-3361376

Categories: Building Materials | Oilfield Supplies | Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies | PVC Pipes and Fittings |

Keywords: Valves | Pipes and Pipe Fittings | Plumbing Fixture | Building Materials | Hardware |

Brands: 3M Safety Products | AB Mild Steel Weld Fittings | ANBI GRIPP Pipe Support Clamps | ANBI ITALY Faucet Mixers | ARALDITE Various Adhesives | ARISTON Electric Water Heater | ATLAS PVC Pipes | BIS Mallable Iron Pipe Fittings Bs | BISON KIT Adhesives | BOSS WHITE Pipe Joining Compound | BRASSCRAFT Flexible | BRASSO Metal Polish | CEPEX PVC HP PVC Fittings PN16 | COMER HP PVC Fittings | CONCEPT PPR Pipes & Fittings | CRANE MEP Valves | CRC Industrial Lubricants | DAP Caulks & Silicons | DECODUCT PVC Conduits & Trunkings | DORMER Drill Bits | DRAINO Drain Opener | DRAINO CONCEPT Silent Drain Fittings | ELEMATIC Rawl Plugs | EVERLUX Down Lights | EXPRESS Soldering Tools | FERNCO Flexible Couplings For Sewer, Drain, Waste & Vent Piping | FEVICOL Wood Glue | GALAXY Exhaust Fans | GE GE Silicons | GEWISS Weather Proof Fittings | GROHE Mixers & Plumbing | GRUNDFOS Electric Water Pumps | H WERKS Hammers | HERZ DZR Brass Double Regulating Valve | HITACHI Power Tools | HYDROSEAL PVC Glue | ITALCO 3core Cables | ITAP Brass Valves | JETECH Hand Tools | KED BROOKE Metal Enclosures | LBC Grooved Fittings UL/FM | LESSO PVC Flexible Hoses | MECH Grooved Fittings UL/FM | MEFCO CPVC Valves | MEGA LAB Drain Opener | MMA Double Regulating Valve CRB | MSEAL Leak Prevention Compund | NAPCO Adhesive Glues For Pipes | NORTH Fall Protection | OATEY Adhesives | OSRAM Bulbs | PEDROLLA Electric Water Pumps | PEGLER Brass Compression Fittings | PEX Gate Valves Brass | RBM FLEX Rubber Flexible Bellow | RR KABEL LV Cables | STANLEY Hand Tools | STARRETT Holesaws | SUNDEX Economical Mixers | SUPER CAVI 3core Cables | SUPERLON Rubber Insulation for HVAC | TMAX Spray Paints | TREDEX Faucet Mixers | VOLEX Switches | WATTS Valves | WD40 Lubricants | ZENITH PVC Pipe Fittings SCH80 Grey | ENOTORK Actuators | AB Mild Steel Flanges | PEGLER Brass Gate Valves | ANBI ITALY Shower Heads & Acessories | ANBI ITALY Bidet Sprays | ANBI ITALY PVC Bottle Traps | ANBI ITALY Automatic Faucet Mixers | ANBI ITALY Faucet Mixers | ANBI ITALY Shower Heads & Acessories | ANBI ITALY Bidet Sprays | ANBI ITALY Flush Fittings | ANBI ITALY Plumbing Flexibles | ANBI ITALY Fall Protections | ANBI ITALY Safety Gloves | ATLAS PVC Pipes | BIS Galvanized Pipe Fittings Bs | CEPEX PVC HP Valves | COMER Poly Compression Fittings | COMER HP PVC Valves | CONCEPT PEX Pipes & Fittings | CRANE Mi & Gi Fittings | EVERLUX Spot Lights | EVERLUX Flood Lights | EVERLUX Weather Proof Fittings | EVERLUX High Bays | EVERLUX Celing Lights | EVERLUX Garden Lights | FRENCO Flexible Couplings | HERZ DZR Brass Gate Valve | HERZ DZR Brass Non Return Valves | HERZ Butterfly Valve | HERZ Strainer | HERZ Automatic Balancing Valve | HERZ Connect 4 Package Valves | HERZ Actuators | KED BROOKE Electric Switches , Reels, Fan, Earthing Acessories, Lights, Enclosure | KED BROOKE Extention Cords | KED BROOKE Exhuast Fans | KED BROOKE Earthing Acessories | KED BROOKE Lights | ZENITH CPVC Pipe Fittings SCH80 Grey | ZENITH PVC Pipe Fittings SCH40 White | ZENITH PVC Pipe Fittings DWV |

Valtorque Valves Trading LLC

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1706, Citadel Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE175004-4417081, 050-363654104-4417087

Categories: Valves

Keywords: Valves |

Shree Steel Overseas FZCO

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Jebel Ali South, Jebel Ali, UAE1772904-886511904-8865118

Categories: Valves

Keywords: Pipes and Pipe Fittings | Pipes | Valves | Flanges |

Hytec Abu Dhabi LLC

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Plot 33, M-39, Mussafah Indl Area, Abu Dhabi, UAE861602-5515657, 050-615328702-5515658

Categories: Crane Maintenance | Cranes | De-watering Equipment and Services | Hose Couplings and Fittings | Hydraulic Equipment and Tools | Hydraulic Equipment, Tools and Supplies | Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings | Hydraulic Repair | Hydraulic Seals | Lifts Wheel Chair | Marine and Offshore Paint Suppliers | Marine and Offshore Repairs and Maintenance | O Ring Seals | O Rings Rubber | Oilfield Supplies | Piling Equipment and Tools | Pumps | Pumps Repairs | Valves | Valves Repairers | Waste Handling Equipment | Winches |

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Brands: DHOLLANDIA Lift And Escalator | PARKER Pumps | TAETS Hydraulic Concrete Breakers | CASAGRANDE Drilling Equipment | BSV Clamps | SEAL JET Hydraulic Seals | IHC Hydraulic Hammers | IHC Power Projects | HYVA Hydraulic Equipment | HMF Cranes | HAWE Pumps | HAWE Valves | ROZZI Winches | PZB Jack Hammers | ICE Vibratory Hammers | IHC Hydraulic Impact Hammers | HAWE Hydraulic Components | HMF Truck Mounted Cranes | GEHO Dewatering Equipment | VOAC Hydraulic Equipment and Supplies | TAETS Hydraulic Pile Cutter | TECHNAMICS Hook Lifts and Skip Loaders | MERKEL Seals | SEPSON Winches | MORO Vacuum Pumps |

About Valves

A Valve is a tool fitted onto a machine or a pipe to control the flow of a liquid or gas that pass through it. A Valve controls the direction of the flow of the liquid or gas and it can also stop the flow when required. Valves are predominantly used in all machines beginning with domestic machines such as washing machines and dish washers to machines that are used in industries. There are more than fifty kinds of valves, of these the most commonly used valves are open and close valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, check valve, choke valve, solenoid valves. A butterfly is usually the preferred option as it is a low cost option. The Butterfly valve consists of a disc positioned in the pipe; a rod called the actuator runs through the disc to both the outer ends of the pipe. When the actuator is rotated the disc can shut the flow of liquid in the pipe. The actuator could again be rotated to allow the liquid to pass through. The disc is always in the middle, thereby, constantly ensuring a reduction of pressure at all times while the liquid flows through the pipe. A solenoid valve can be controlled electromechanically and are reliable valves to control the flow of liquid. The industrialization of the UAE has prompted the massive usage of valves especially at oilfields. Valves though small parts of machines are a prominent part which ensures the safety of the machine and the industrial area by allowing the right amount of fluid or gas to pass through a machine or pipe at any given time, therefore, preventing mishaps that may occur due to an increase in pressure during the passage of liquid or gas through the pipe. Valves are a device which is used in all the industrial aspects. Jebel Ali and Deira in Dubai are the more popular sites to purchase valves of every kind.

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