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AC Duct Cleaning Servicesl in Abu Dhabi

An air duct of an air conditioning unit is a vital piece of the unit as it is responsible for the free flow of air to and from the room through the air conditioning unit. The air duct is prone to get corroded when air from the room which carries dust particles and certain chemicals passes through it. When the air duct is corroded it affects the quality of the air in the room and it also does not allow the air conditioning unit to function to its full capacity. Poor quality of air in living spaces may lead to health complications in persons who have a respiratory condition. When the air duct of the air conditioner is blocked, the air conditioner consumes 15 to 20% more energy to provide the same amount of cooling it is otherwise capable of providing.

These are some of the reasons why a regular cleaning of the air ducts of an air conditioner unit is required. A clean air duct would not only enhance the quality of the air in the interiors of a room but would also assist the air conditioner to function according to its full capacity. It would also ensure the air conditioning unit functions efficiently to the full extent of its lifespan while consuming lesser energy.

In Abu Dhabi there are multitudinous companies that are equipped with qualified engineers and servicemen who are readily available to perform maintenance checks and provide cleaning services to the air conditioning unit. These companies are obliged to follow the regulations that are in place for air conditioner duct cleaning. Mussafah industrial area and Al Quoz industrial area 4 are some of the popular destinations in Abu Dhabi where companies that provide ac duct cleaning services are located. Air duct cleaning services is a vital service in a city that puts air conditioning to extensive use.

Featured Companies
  • Centre Point Logistics

    Centre Point Logistics

    200,000sqm Logistics Hub in Jebel Ali Free Zone South. Equipped with all type of MHE’s and 24/7 security.
    [email protected]

  • Champions Energy Inc   (ISO 9001)

    Champions Energy Inc     (ISO 9001)

    ISO 9001:2008 Certified, FENCINGS & FENCE SUPPLIERS & CONTRACTORS in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Africa: Corrugated Sheet Hoarding Perimeter Barricade Temporary Fencings, Chain-link Fences, Welded Wire Mesh Heras Type Fence, Gates, Barricades, Crowd Barriers, Stanchions, Bollards
    FABRICATION: Gabions, Structures, HESCO, Hesco, SS Bird / Pigeon Spikes, Bird Control I Sound Proof & Acoustic Contracts, Steel Partitions, Railings, Ladders, PVC Debris Chute, Geo-Textile, Tyre Spikes, Tyre Killer, Armored Gate, Wall& Room, Solar Mounting Frame Structures, Bitumen, Steel Supply & Installation, STEEL FABRICATORS, General Trading Suppliers & Exporters in Dubai, UAE since 2006 ; e-mail [email protected]; Website www.Champions123.com

  • Dana Group of Companies

    Dana Group of Companies

    DANA Group of Companies (Est 1991) comprises 7 companies manufacturing value added products in Steel (roof cladding, profile sheets, insulated sandwich panels, cold storages), Water Solutions (Heaters, Coolers & Chillers) & Oil (Engine oil, Lubricants & Greases)
    Tel:04-2217273, Fax:04-2215940, Mobile:050-7983153
    Email: [email protected]

  • Champions Energy Inc   (ISO 9001)

    Champions Energy Inc     (ISO 9001)

    Call:+97150 5475666, 06-5528113
    E-mail:[email protected]

  • Mahmayi Office Furniture

    Mahmayi Office Furniture

    Buy low priced quality office furniture from wholesaler. Large selection. Call. 04-2212358

  • Ghosh Metal Fencing

    Ghosh Metal Fencing

    Ghosh Metal Industries LLC having excellent fabrication facility of temporary construction site hoarding panel fencing where Ghosh Metal got in house production support & import of the required materials of fencing panel like profile corrugated sheet, galvanized c chanel, galvanized steel pipe, hdg clamp with nut and bolt.

  • Cochin Steel LLC

    Cochin Steel LLC

    Market leader and pioneer in the manufacture and installation of storage tanks for Diesel, Petrol and Water tankers. Call: +97165432768, Email: [email protected]

  • Team Furniture Industry LLC

    Team Furniture Industry LLC

     Wholesaler of Office Furnitures  Telephone: +971-6-7487767  Email:[email protected]

  • Crystal Petroleum

    Crystal Petroleum

    Manufacturing high quality Automotive Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants. Full range of Greases in UAE and Made in Europe.

  • Ayaxxon Lubricants

    Ayaxxon Lubricants

    Manufacturing High Quality Automotive Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants, Gasoline Engine Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Heat Transformer Oil, Hydraulic Oil, ATF, Coolant Oil , Brake Fluid and the full range of greases in UAE.
    Call +97150 6267037, 06-7672446 [email protected]