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Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers in Dubai

Al Namarek Ceramic And Construction Material FZE

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723, Fairmount Hotel Tower Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai4826504-312404804-3124059

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Brands: CALAF Tiles Ceramic

Ali Sharif Al Askari Gen Trdg Co LLC

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Bhnd United Bank Bldg, Murshid Bazaar, Deira, Dubai508704-226747504-2267802

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First Warrior

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Dragon Mart, Dubai30083304-427329104-4587923

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Matoot Technical Services

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127, RAK Bank Bldg, Shk Zayed Rd, Dubai04-321224604-3212245

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Ponti Intl LLC

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About Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers

Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers

Ceramic tiles are made up of sand, natural products, and clays and once it has been moulded into shape they are then fired in a kiln. When making ceramic tiles they can either be glazed or unglazed, but the most commonly used ceramic tiles are glazed ceramic tiles. There are hundreds of different designs of ceramic tiles and the most popular types of ceramic tiles are sinter, klinker, Terracotta, Majolica, tiles with red biscuits, tiles with white biscuit and mosaic. Some of the benefits of opting for ceramic tiles are durability, resistance to tread wear, slip resistance, color permanence and hygiene.

ceramic tiles have a much longer life in comparison to other materials that are used to cover floors and walls. They are also resistant to moisture and hence make the perfect flooring in wet areas. When an abrasive glaze is added to ceramic tiles they become more slip resistant. Ceramic tiles are also easy to clean and maintain. Al Ain and Murshid bazaar in Dubai are some of the most popular locations in UAE to find manufacturers and suppliers of ceramic tiles in UAE.

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