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Sandblasting Commercial And Industrial in Abu Dhabi

Global Essa Coating Establishment

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Near Union Natl Bank R/A, Mussafah Indl Area 13, Abu Dhabi362902-555489002-5554386

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Professionals Sand Blasting and Specialized Painting

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M 2, Al Zeam Salon Bldg, Opp Al Marwa Pharmacy, Khalidiya St, Abu Dhabi77602-665641602-6661486

Categories: Sandblasting Commercial and Industrial

About Sandblasting Commercial and Industrial

For all types of sandblasting commercial and industrial in Abu Dhabi based projects, you will find highly skilled technicians with top notch equipment. These technicians are up to date on various aspects of sandblasting systems that are used in commercial and industrial projects. Sandblasting is essentially an act of propelling fine bits of material at high velocity to clean or etch a surface. As sand was the most commonly used material for this process, it was called sandblasting. However, due to serious side effects caused by constant exposure to sand during the process, various other materials are also used in the process.

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