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Tools in Abu Dhabi

Emirates Specialities Company LLC

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Old Mazda Rd, Abu Dhabi4656402-678480002-6778366

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Saj Hardware Building Material Trading LLC

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Shop 49, Opp Emirates Driving School, ICAD Residential City Rd, M-34, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi3660102-550303002-5503558

Categories: Hardware | Power Tools | Tools

House Of Bolts and Fastening Accessories Trading Company

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33, Mega Stores, Beside KM Trdg, Mussafah 34, Abu Dhabi13317202-5507872, 050-443175102-5507875

Categories: Bolts and Nuts | Fasteners Industrial | Hardware | Safety Equipment and Clothing | Tools

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Brands: FISCHER Bolts and Nuts |

Abu Dhabi Hardware Company WLL

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Ground Floor, Shop # 4, Mussafah M-14, Abu Dhabi10602-554889002-5548767

Categories: Hardware | Power Tools | Tools

Al Baha Indl Material Establishment

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M 7, Mussafah Main Rd, Abu Dhabi881802-554253002-5542531

Categories: Hardware | Tools

Al Fateh Tools

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M 9, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi2681202-555962802-5540771

Categories: Hardware | Tools

Al Nasr Hardware

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Plot No 5, Mussafah M-7, Abu Dhabi757802-555351102-5553711

Categories: Hardware | Tools

Al Sanoobar Importing and Trading Company WLL

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Mussafah, M-3, Abu Dhabi3201202-554518402-5545185

Categories: Tools | Hardware

Al Shams Fasteners and Accessories Trading Company LLC

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M 9, Mussafah Indl Area, Abu Dhabi3306802-554401602-5544873

Categories: Hardware | Stud Bolts | Tools | Fasteners Industrial

Apex Trading Company LLC

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4th R/A, Corniche Rd, M 14, Mussafah Indl Area, Abu Dhabi4709002-555500002-5552255

Categories: Drum Lifting Equipment | Hardware | Tools

About Tools

Tools in Abu Dhabi are used widely in a number of sectors such as construction, home improvement, oil and gas, and landscaping, to name a few. Common tools include air compressors, hand tools, power tools, safety equipment, and work benches. Some of the popular hand tools include cutting pliers, hand saws, spanners, files, hammers, hand drills, screwdrivers and nut drivers, and wrenches. The tools are sold by a number of general merchants, hardware stores and specialist retailers. The tools are readily available for a competitive price. Buying high-quality tools is very important as the tools have a long lifetime.

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