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Albaddad Industrial Complex, Dubai Free Zone, Techno ParkDubai56162

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Albaddad group has been established in Abu Dhabi 1971 by the founder “ Hussain Albaddad” to supply the requirements of the tents from the royal family that time and other official authorities in addition to the individual clients. Continued by the second generation of Albaddad who manage the company and develop it according to the highest world standardisation that made Albaddad group ranked number one worldwide.

Second generation of Albaddad family found that the need of establishing factories for prefabricated units, Aluminum, glass, technology, steel and steel structures in addition to the garden furniture and many other companies which diversity the business sectors and products.

Albaddad international has Accompanied Renaissance of UAE since the union established 1971, we took the responsibilities to develop the market we worked in according to the global standardization, and many times create a new standardization to the sector, that made us ranked number one in the world with our branches that exist in the most important economic centers and many other countries in the world.

Albaddad takes a place on 1,500,000 Sq.ft, employed 1,500 employees who believed in the leadership concept, realising that it requires hard work professionalism and awareness about each single detail. Our sector of leadership was never and sudden success, or based on economic boom, it comes from our belief that we are a team and will never accept less than number one rank.

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