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Cable And Wire Manufacturers in UAE

Opposite Nissan Showroom, M 38Abu Dhabi, UAE 30331
Products & Services : Cable and Wire Manufacturers
Near Emarat Petrol Station, 4th I/Change, Al Quoz Indl AreaDubai, UAE 36999
Near Nakheel Centre, Al Nakheel Rd, DeiraDubai, UAE 29203
M Flr, Gargash Bldg, Al Maktoum Hospital Rd, DeiraDubai, UAE 1162
Brands:  MATHEW AND YATES Fans - Industrial and Commercial | MATHEWS AND YATES Fans - Industrial and Commercial | MATHEWS & YATES Fans - Industrial & Commercial | MYSON Fans - Industrial and Commercial | WALSALL Conduit and Conduit Fittings - Electric | WALSALL Conduits & Industrial Accessories | WOODS Fans - Industrial and Commercial | CEGELEC Control Systems and Equipment | DECODUCT Conduit and Conduit Fittings - Electric | DUNHAM BUSH Air Conditioning Equipment and Systems | TAMCO Lighting Fixtures | TAMCO Switchgears & Lighting Fixtures | WOODS Industrial Fans | WT HENLEY Electrical LV Distribution Products | ANWALLIS Electric Equipment | CEGELEC Instrumentation | CEGELEC Power Instrumentation & Control Projects | DUNHAMBUSH A / C & Refg Eqpt & Parts | FLAKTWOODS Air Movement | GEC Window Walls / Roof & Ceiling Extract Fans | REDRING Industrial & Domestic Heating Eqpt | WTHENLEY Cut Outs | XPELAIR Fans - Air Circulation | BOX Enclosures - Stainless Steel | ELECTROLINK Cable Management Systems( Cable Trays | GC Electrical Products | GIESS Electric Equipment | HELLERMANN Cable Ties | HENLEY Cut - outs | IBL Lighting & Fixtures | LIGHTOLIER Lighting & Fixtures | REDRING Heating Equipment and Systems | WT HENLEY Cable Joints |AEI CABLES Cable and Wire | BAKELITE HYLAM Laminates | BAKELITEHYLAM Paper Base Laminates | ELECTROLINK Cable Accessory | GECALSTHOM Extract Fans & Power Projects | GETRON Electric Equipment | HENLEY Cable Joints | INTRALUX Lighting | NORLIGHT Electric Equipment | OMICRON Test Eqpt | PIRELLI Cable and Wire | PRITEC Electronic Insect Killers | PRITEC Insect Killers | WALLIS Earthing & Lightning Protection | APW Cable Trays & Accessories | AREVA Protection Relays | BOX Enclosures | GC Electrical Goods | LOCKER AIR MAZE Filters | TAMCO Electrical Switchgear | ALSTOM Protective Relay System | CRESSALL Resistors | GEC ALSTHOM Power Projects | GETRON Electrical Eqpt | NORLIGHT Electrical Eqpt | XPELAIR Fans | AEICABLES Cables & Accessories | MYSON Fans |Read More...
216, Bldg No 1, Dubai Internet CityDubai, UAE 500158
Plot No.S-50806, Near Gate No. 12, Jebel Ali Free Zone (South)Jebel Ali, UAE 17187
Hessa Street, Jebel AliJebel Ali, UAE 11529
Opp Etisalat, Between Salam and Najda StrAbu Dhabi, UAE 52817
Products & Services : Cable and Wire Manufacturers
Plot No. TP010421, National Industries ParkJebel Ali, UAE 87512
Products & Services :  Cable and Wire ManufacturersCablesWire
Sedar Bldg, Old Majda RdAbu Dhabi, UAE 35045
Unit No C 18, Hamriya Free ZoneSharjah, UAE
Products & Services : Cable and Wire Manufacturers
Al Ittihad Rd, DeiraAbu Dhabi, UAE 30072
Unit No. 6, Ali Malik Complex, Umm Suqeim StDubai, UAE
Bhnd JVC, South Zone, Jebel Ali Free ZoneJebel Ali, UAE 261332
Products & Services : Cable and Wire Manufacturers
102, Al Hawai Tower, Sh Zayed RdDubai, UAE 73750
Products & Services : Cable and Wire Manufacturers
Plot No: TP020701, National Industries ParkDubai, UAE 55331
Brands:  CRABTREE Wire Products - Machinery | WILCO Ventilators - Industrial | WINGTON Fans - Industrial and Commercial | COT Conduit and Conduit Fittings - Electric | DOMENO Lighting Fixtures | FLEXICON Conduit and Conduit Fittings - Electric | GULF OMAN Cable and Wire | WILCO Fans - Exhaust | BRITMAX Lighting Fixtures | BURTON G I Conduits | CADWELD Earthing System | CARIBONI Lighting Fixtures | CAVICEL Instrumentation | CEFEX Electrical Trunking Systems | ERICO CADWELD Welding Electrodes | FURSE Earthing and Lightning Protection Equipment | INDUSTRIA Lighting Fixtures - Explosion Proof | LONGLAST Cable and Wire | SHAMS Lighting Fixtures | SIEMENS Electric Equipment | TAMLITE Lighting Fixtures | UNICOOL Fans - Air Circulation | AMERICAN ELECTRIC Street Lightings | CIRCLE-ARK Cable Management Systems | DELTA Electrical Wiring Accessories | EDMUNDSON Ladders | EGK Lighting Fixtures | EXPELAIR Fans - Exhaust | F AND G MOELLER Isolators | HEX Lighting Fixtures | INTERPLAST Cable Management Systems | MERLIN GERIN Electric Equipment | MK Electrical Wiring Accessories | OPTICEL Fibre Optic Products | SCALF Electrical Products | SURYA ROSHNI Lamps - Electrical | VORTICE Fans - Exhaust | BICC DUCAB Cable Accessory | BIRKETT ELECTRIC Cable Joints | CAVICED Cable and Wire | CON CAB Cable and Wire | CONCAB Cable and Wire | HAGER Electrical LV Switchgear Components | ICW Cable and Wire | LAPP Cable and Wire | RUPAM Cable Accessory | SWIFT Ladders | BG ELECTRICALS Electrical Accessories | CAVICEL Fibre Optics | CLIPSAL Electrical Accessories |ACE Cable Lugs | VOLEX Electrical Accessories |Read More...
I/Change 7, Near Sharjah AirportSharjah, UAE 27472
Products & Services : Cable and Wire Manufacturers
403, Crystal Tower, Sharjah Buhaira CornicheSharjah, UAE 25864

About Cable and Wire Manufacturers

Cables and wire industry is a growing industry in the UAE which amounts to millions of dollars. Cables and wires are used extensively as telephone and data cables and as conductors for electricity and heat. They are also used in industries such as the oil and gas and are also used in domestic environments. Cables and wires are vital to so many industries especially the telecommunication and power supply industries as they depend on cable and wires for the functioning of the industry. Copper is widely used to produce cables and wires. An electric cable is two or more wires wound or plaited together. A wire is a metallic rod which is in the form of a single strand, capable of conducting electricity. There are two types of metal wires. A single wire also called solid wire is insulated with a colored sheet. Single or solid wires are better suited for devices that carry the same current capacity and are cheaper than stranded wires. Stranded wires are many thin strands of wire plaited together. This type of wire can be used for a longer period of time. Stranded wires are more flexible and do not break when it is exposed to vibration and frequency. There are various types of cables: they are twisted pair cable, coaxial cable and fiber optic cables. Twisted cables are generally the most commonly used cables. The Telecommunication industry uses these cables as they counter the issue of electromagnetic interference. Coaxial cables are covered and protected by an insulated layer. Fiber optic cables are made of glass threads. With technology becoming the prime objective of the UAE, Fiber Optic cables are the latest adoption by leading network providers in the UAE. Companies in the UAE that manufacture cables and wires are multitudinous. These companies produce cables and wires that are utilized across various industries.

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