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Chemicals And Chemical Products in UAE

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Raw materials for cleaning, detergents, cosmetics, perfumes, personal care and pharmaceutical distributors of Oleon and Sumitomo, Seika Chemical; Japan. For More Information Please Contact On Mob:050-7345180

LOB 22, 21 G, Hamriyah Free ZoneSharjah, UAE 06-5261206050-734518006-526120742658
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Electroplating: Nickel, Chrome, Gold, Silver, Zinc, Hard Chrome, Plating, Galvanizing. Acids Hydrochloride, Nitric, Sulphuric, Acetic Acid. Alkalies: Caustic Soda, Liquid Caustic, Soda Ash, Calcium Carbonate. Solvents: Methylene Chloride, Perchloro Ethylene. Salts:Potassiu, Chloride, Ammonium Chloride, Sodium Meta bi Sulphate

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Chemical distributors for all Metal Finishing Industries. We specialize in Electroplating, Polishing Compounds, Gold Plating and Precious Metal Plating, stock keeper of all these Chemicals and also Basic Chemicals and Lab Chemicals.

Off 2, Salim Ali Rashid Bldg, Doha Str No 43, New Indl AreaAjman, UAE 06-7482750055-409152206-74827513741
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Near Dynatrade, Caterpillar Rd, Indl Area 2Sharjah, UAE 06-542411606-54240166870
Environmental Systems International LLC Bldg, Near Natl Paints, Indl Area 11Sharjah, UAE 06-534431006-53442105992
Al Quoz Indl Area 2Dubai, UAE 04-380663404-3806635118905
Warehouse 11-12, Rakia Free Zone, Al Jazeera Al Hamra Free ZoneRas Al Khaimah, UAE 07-243350807-243880814517
8th Floor, Dubai Convention TowerDubai, UAE 04-405440004-3321592307
ThobanFujairah, UAE 06-882002406-882003412360
Q1-01-28, SAIF ZoneSharjah, UAE 06-557961206-55796148330
202, White Tower, Khalifa StAbu Dhabi, UAE 02-626966302-626936327478
1st Gate, Shed 6, Al JadafDubai, UAE 04-324136604-32414227676
Office 221, Oud Metha OfficesDubai, UAE 04-370953604-3709545127670

About Chemicals and Chemical Products

Chemicals and Chemical Products in UAE
Chemicals are used in many products that are used on a daily basis. Hence they can be classified into various categories such as industrial, agricultural, pharmaceuticals and formulated products. Chemicals are also used extensively in various industries like the automotive, electrical and electronics, pharmaceuticals and construction.
Industrial chemicals
Are used in basic chemical companies; these companies use chemicals to convert raw materials and natural resources into organic and inorganic chemicals. These companies also specialize in creating chemical products known as derivatives. Derivatives are formed when two or more chemicals are allowed to react.
In the field of agriculture:
They are used in the manufacture of fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals are blended with other ingredients to produce insect and pest repellents. In the pharmaceutical industry, they are used in the development of medicines. They are blended with other ingredients to form medicines that treat diseases. Chemicals are also used in other household products like soaps and other toiletries, paints, adhesives, sealants, perfumes, cosmetics, lubricating products, waxes and polishes and so on. These products are not created with a chemical reaction. But they are manufactured with the mixing of various chemical products to obtain a product that could be used for a particular application. There are chemicals that are used for cleaning purposes.
Cleaning chemicals
Are also used in commercial enterprises as general cleaners and Kitchen cleanliness items. They are also used in, hard surface cleaners, drain cleaners, rust and stain removers. Soap and paper towel gadgets, and hand dryers, auto air fresheners and auto sanitizers are also some products that fall under this category. All janitorial types of gear, Paper items, and laundry care items have chemical products in them. Some of the prime regions in UAE where customers could find manufacturers of chemicals and chemical products are Jebel Ali and Industrial area 10 and industrial area 15 in Sharjah.

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