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Shop 4, Building B2, Sh Hamdan Colony, KaramaDubai113474

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Business Description: 

Arabian Passenger Transport was founded in 2002. Founded in Dubai, UAE, It was founded at a time of one of the core years of Dubai’s transformation in becoming one of the most dynamic and biggest financial market in UAE and Middle East. Visualizing the future of Dubai, Arabian Passenger Transport invaded in this potentially driven market in the field of transportation which is one of the most competing business trades in Dubai. The transportation laws in Dubai helped us understand our target market better than any other and we engaged in the area of trade where quality could meet satisfaction.

Arabian Passenger Transport deals more with quality over anything else. We strive to enhance our capacity of effective and quality transport in this segment and this is what qualifies us to be better than others. Our fleet in this mode of transportation caters with vehicles which are as below: 

  • 1) 14 seater high roof vans 
  • 2) 22 seater Coasters. 
  • 3) 30 seater coasters. 
  • 4) 33 seater coasters.
  • 5) 57 seater buses. 
  • 6) 65 seater buses.

“We have the most competitive rates in the market”.

We can also provide additionally big vehicles depending on the usage and number of people. Our mission statement in this line of transport is customer satisfaction at the best price and we have gained ample market share ensuring and motivating us to be one of the best in our line.

At Arabian Passenger Transport we have dedicated personnel in operations team to ensure 24/ 7 smooth flow of operations. References of our clients can be given upon first formal meeting.