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PACIFIC TECHNOLOGY LLC is 20+ year old company, active in the fields of Marine & Industrial Engineering Repair & Maintenance, Corrosion & Erosion Control Systems, ColdWeld Repairs & Refurbishment, Marine Chocking & Industrial Grouting, Laser Alignment, Protective Coatings & other Specialist Services.
We are the Authorized Distributors & Service Providers representing some of the best & trusted brands catering to Marine, Oilfield & Industrial sectors.
With our qualified, trained & experienced team, we offer our products & services across the GCC & the Middle East region & aim to provide our customers with the best product & service competence for all their engineering repair, protection & maintenance requirements.

ITW Germany Epocast 36 Epoxy Chocking Compound, 3M U.S.A/U.K Engineering Repair & Corrosion Protection, Simpson StrongTie U.S.A Repair Protection & Strengthening, Daemmstoff KVM Sealing Compound, Orkot Marine Bearings, NeutraRust U.K Rust Converter
Marine Epoxy Resin Chocking, Cold Weld Repairs, Heat Exchangers & Chiller Coatings, Ceramic, Epoxy & Urethane Coatings, Pump Repairs & Refurbishment, Anti-Corrosion & Protective Coatings, Field Joint Coatings, Girth Weld & Pipeline Coatings, Tank Coatings & Internal Linings, Industrial Grouting, Specialist Alignment Services, Diving & Underwater Survey, Pile Repairs, Structural Coatings & Strengthening Systems