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Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting is one of the best contracting companies in the business of machinery and construction work, owned and run by Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, a visionary U.A.E. businessman. Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting serves the local, regional, international market since one year of operation and has gained the confidence of its customers, partners and allies.

Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting (TRC) is a member of U.A.E. Contractors’ Association with over 83 employees who provide a wide range of services throughout the U.A.E.

TRC depends on the extensive experience and abundant resources of its projects. These resources include the latest construction machinery and equipment and expertise of our technical staffs.

Road Work (Embankment to Asphalt), Earth Work (Cut & Fill), Temporary Parking Work, Professional Surveying & Drafting , Surveying Consultancy, Ancillary Work (Guard Rail, Temporary & Permanent Road Signs, Gantries, Gantry Signs, Road Marking, Road Reflectors & Stone Pitching, etc.)