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Trident Support was founded in 1996. Since first designing and erecting the 123m Abu Dhabi Flagpole (on the Corniche Breakwater) in 2001, Trident has grown to be the industry’s leading flagpole design, construction, and supply firm. With offices in Dubai Investments Park (UAE), San Diego California (USA), and Jebel Ali Free Zone (UAE), Trident provides flagpole services for the most prestigious companies, government entities, and private individuals in the Middle East and around the world.

Trident is exclusively focused on flagpole engineering, fabrication and erection. This experience allows us to provide our clients with a level of flagpole expertise that can’t be found anywhere else. We have set a number of world records for the tallest flagpoles in the world. We are dedicated to delivering the consistent quality that has earned us the repeat business of clients worldwide.

Trident’s team of specialized engineering consultants and fabrication specialists work together to create custom products designed around your unique needs. We oversee every detail of the high-quality production of your flagpole. Our large factory in Dubai (UAE) allows us to custom manufacture exactly what you need. In addition to flagpole construction, we offer a wide range of flag and banner products and ongoing maintenance services to keep your flagpole in the best condition at all times.

Whether one of our tallest flagpoles or a Standard flagpole, our flagpoles are custom designed to withstand the unique weather conditions of your location anywhere in the world. All Trident flagpoles comply with the standards of ANSI/NAAMM FP1001-07 (American National Standards Institute / National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers) “Guide Specifications for Design of Metal Flagpoles” as well as all local codes, regulations and other international specifications. We use only the best quality material, sourcing parts from industry leaders or our own custom designed critical components, for better maintenance and longevity for your flagpole. Finished products are assembled to exact standards at our facility in Dubai or on-site at your location.

Monumental Flagpoles™, Stately Flagpoles™, Standard-Height Flagpoles, National Flags, Corporate Flags, Advertising Banners.

We pride ourselves on assisting our clients through the entire lifecycle of their flag or flagpole. We offer a full range of services to assist you:
* Initial planning and site evaluation, * Fabrication, * Erection, * Ongoing operations & maintenance

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