Al Tamayaouz Scafolding Trading

Sajja Industrial AreaSharjah7073

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AL TAMAYAOUZ Scaffolding TR is one of the leading scaffolding companies in the United Arab Emirates. We are well known for offering integrated services in the construction industry, supply formwork scaffolding equipment and building materials. The organization has seen since its inception in 1995. From that point up to now, we have seen the extraordinary turn of events at all levels. The organization offers the best equipment and formwork, platform, offer available to be purchased and lease. We also strive hard to serve our clients to access the best and safe equipment. The organization has worked with several projects helping them to install scaffolding at higher altitudes. We focus on serving the UAE market with all the other Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Sudan. We supply construction materials apart from pouring concrete, metal and aluminium scaffolding equipment.