Marble Renewal UAE LLC

Building No. 46, Old National Paints Bldg, Near Khansaheb Building, Ind. Area 3Sharjah855

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*    Specialists in Restoration & Maintenance of all Stone Surfaces, Table Tops, Floors, Walls & Vanities
*    Advanced Technology & Training with the Highest Standards of Quality & Excellence
*    International Network of Skilled Professionals Using the Most Advanced & Innovative techniques
*    Care, Treatment & Slip Safety Programs for Commercial & Residential Applications

Marble Renewal UAE LLC was co-founded by the late Mr. Graham Alban a natural stone care specialist and Mr. Ayoub Asfour a financial consultant.

Marble Renewal UAE LLC, with over 21 (Twenty One) years of experience serving United Arab Emirates, already holds a reputation throughout the market (and indeed the region) as being the leading natural stone care specialist. We are providing the latest, most advanced and highest quality restoration, preventative care and maintenance services. We also offer innovative products, practical advice, recommendations and problem-solving solutions to our customers.

With the knowledge and experiences acquired over the years, Marble Renewal UAE LLC have developed custom products, processes and techniques that can deliver outstanding results and produce long lasting surfaces. We use special techniques to process and polish all types of stones and uses our own bespoke range of chemicals, cleaners and polishes which are not available commercially. Single-disc and heavy-duty rotary machines are used for the restoration process and diamond abrasives are used to remove lippage and smooth uneven areas. Once the floor is polished, a “penetrating sealer” is applied which will protect the stone, allows it to still breath but will not change the natural appearance. It also adds slip-resistance to the surface. Our high quality restoration and maintenance services can get your surfaces restored to a like-new factory-finish saving up to 80% of possible replacement costs. In addition to ensuring your surfaces always look their best, we are equally dedicated to improving their safety wherever possible.

MARBLE RENEWAL UAE LLC restores the natural beauty of residential floors to their original glory, elegant refinement and good taste they were originally intended to be. As well as residential, we can have a positive impact and regularly enhance the property value of hotels, banks, corporate headquarters, showrooms, mosques, shopping centres, shopping malls and resorts.

In Dimensional Stone, MARBLE RENEWAL UAE LLC perform the restoration process of stripping, repairing, stain removal, resurfacing and polishing to a natural “high gloss” finish without using wax. In preservation, we do regular scheduled preservation to maintain the original factory finish created by our own restoration process. MARBLE RENEWAL UAE LLC protects natural stone with special sealants and impregnators. MARBLE RENEWAL UAE LLC can expertly maintain your floors through its Maintenance program, which is guaranteed to reduce your labour and chemical costs.

MARBLE RENEWAL UAE LLC creates beauty with floors and walls, which reflects the experience and workmanship of our craftsmen!