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Business Details

Business Description: 
Known in the Middle East as specialist suppliers for Pumps, Motors, Compressors and systems, the Standard Group is dedicated to providing timely and well-engineered fluid solutions to almost every market segment!
The Standard Group, was founded by in 1986 to procure and supply emergency spares and marine equipment to the thriving marine and ship repair industry in the UAE at that time.   Through a strong network of worldwide suppliers, SSS succeeded in growing the organization by meeting urgent customer demands swiftly and competitively.
The Standard Group currently offers a wide range of Pumping, Drive and Air compressor Technologies by internationally acclaimed manufacturers. We a customer base spread throughout the GCC countries, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.
Our Quality Policy
The Standard Group is dedicated to provide the highest standards in customer satisfaction through…
Continuous improvement of our products & services through research and product development.
Customized solutions for all requirements.
Carefully scheduled On-time delivery to every location.
Commitment towards After Sales support.
Constant review of the quality of our products & services through customer feedback.
Our Vision is to be a One-Stop Shop for every type of Pump, Motor and Compressor providing timely and well-engineered solutions to the Oil & Gas and the Industrial community, and to be a crucial part of the growth of the UAE in the global economy.
Our mission. To bring the Latest Pump Technologies to the Middle East region and Indian subcontinent through our solid partnerships with reliable suppliers and valuable customers sustaining every relationship on Honesty, Integrity and Trust. We will move forward as ONE team.