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Al Bawadi Metai Industries is a Dubai based company dealing in diversified range of products like aluminium scaffolding, aluminium ladders, steel beds and steel furniture. We specialize in the supply of a wide range of scaffolding products all over the U.A.E and other GCC countries. With an experience and understanding of the industry for over a decade, we have emerged into the ever growing market of UAE with our wide range of products. Our new brand, TOPMAN was launched recently and within a short span of time, we have grown to be one of the key players in the scaffolding and aluminium industry in and around UAE.

Being a team of experienced professionals in the aluminium scaffolding and aluminium ladder industry, we clearly understand the core of the industry and its prospects in UAE which is facing a rapid industrial growth throughout these years. We cater to the needs of our customers ranging from Construction, MEP, Maintenance & Cleaning in government departments & domestic users as well. Our aluminium scaffolding, aluminium ladders and related products are a result of a decade's, industry and market research. Understanding that quality is a continuous pursuit, our Research & Development team are always on the lookout for methods & techniques in improving the quality and safety of our products. With our dedicated and enthusiastic production team backed by our R & D team, based in Dubai, we know that the process doesn't end here and there is always scope for improvement . We also take pride in our conscious efforts towards contributing to a more greener and sustainable environment, by adhering to the set of laws relating to environment protection & enrichment. Together we build a better future for the society and the world.

Our products are manufactured in compliance with strict quality controls and standards in accordance with our company's policies and strictly regulated international standards . We never compromise on product quality and safety and have set the benchmark for quality in each and every product we offer. We are a dedicated team of engineering, designing and business professionals who have succeeded in achieving our mission to provide good uncompromising quality products at a reasonable cost. The core team of technical and marketing wizards felt the need for a better quality product at affordable cost and that resulted in the launch of our brand 'TOPMAN' which is now the leader in the aluminium ladders and the aluminium scaffolding industry. Our scaffolding equipment are comparatively lightweight but ensures increased safety and reduced initial installation menace. We launched our TOPMAN brand aluminium ladder as a solution to access problems both commercially and in household. Our aluminium ladders are made with precision and safety which can be easily handled and is portable too. Making use of our perfect equipment, you can significantly lessen your work load and get your work completed more safely and quickly. We make sure that all our scaffolding products, ladders and steel furniture are made available to both companies and household at competitive prices all over the UAE and the neighboring GCC countries. Over these years we have built up a strong clientele who rely on us for safety and quality equipment.

All through these years, we have grown as the leaders in aluminium scaffolding and aluminium ladder industry by providing different varieties of scaffoldings and ladders from our TOPMAN brand. Under scaffolding, we offer Aluminium Wide Scaffolding, Narrow Scaffolding, Folding and Podium Scaffolding which are made of high quality aluminium and are made in compliance with all safety measures and international regulations. Our steel cots & furniture are also made with high quality steel and are available in different models and colours which can be used both for commercial purposes and in household.


Aluminium Scaffolding:- Mobile Wide Scaffolding, Mobile Narrow Scaffolding, Folding Scaffolding, Podium Scaffolding
Aluminium Ladders:- Platform Step Ladder, Rolling Warehouse Ladder, Two Way Ladder, Straight Ladder, Double Section Ladder, Triple Section Ladder, Multi Task Ladder
Steel Cots:- Single Cot Top 110 S, Single Cot Top 210 S, Single Cot Top 310 S, Bunk Cot Top 110 B, Detachable Cot 210 B
Steel Furniture:- Steel Shoe Rack, Steel Lockers, Steel Vertical Filing Cabinet, Steel Cupboards

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8:30 am - 5:30 pm