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Scaffolding Manufacturers in UAE

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Nad Al HammarDubai, UAE 182519
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Dubai, UAE 36138
Products & Services : Scaffolding Manufacturers
112, 1st Floor, Abdulla Al Fahed Building 2, Damascus Street, QusaisDubai, UAE 6863
Near China Mall, Jurf 1Ajman, UAE 45103
Products & Services : Scaffolding Manufacturers

About Scaffolding Manufacturers

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding Manufacturers in UAE

The scaffolding manufacturers in UAE offer a wide assortment of scaffolds in both custom fabricated designs and standard designs. Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is used to support the supplies and people working in a construction and any other industrial project. Scaffoldings can be made of materials such as aluminium that are light weight and have easy usability. Scaffolding manufacturers cater to the needs of power, industrial, building, petrochemical, shipbuilding, transit, utilities, film and bridge as well as government projects. Top scaffolding manufacturers offer scaffolding wooden boards, galvanized pipes, couplers, Austrian boards, normal white wood and laminated wooden boards that are manufactured as per industry standards.

Listed are the leading aluminium scaffolding suppliers, dealers and manufacturers in UAE. They are well known to deal with aluminium scaffolding system, extra-wide scaffold system, stairway, aviation docking system and much another mobile scaffolding system. Aluminium scaffolding provides support for workers making modifications in the buildings structures. They offer customised scaffolding solutions the help to work on many projects that can satisfy customer needs. Aluminium scaffolding with single space and double-width scaffoldings are available as per the needs and requirement.

Aluminium Scaffolding in UAE

Aluminium scaffolding is a lightweight scaffolding access solution seen on construction sites. They are useful for both indoor and outdoor scaffolding work. Any maintenance, installation, and facet cleaning workers use aluminium scaffolding. They are ideal for short-term access to heights with safety measures in place. They are easy to assemble and dismantle. The scaffolding parts are lightweight and can be transported from one place to the other.

Aluminium Scaffolding Standard Size

Aluminium Double width Tower

2.50m length and 1.45m width, castor wheels with a wooden platform. Withstands a load of up to 600 kg.

Aluminium Single with Tower

2m height and 1.8m length with the standard platform and trapdoor platform with a load of up to 600kg.

Aluminium Stair Case Tower

2.50m in length and 2m meter width with an internal aluminium staircase with a load capacity of 225Kg per platform.

Foldable Scaffold Tower

2m height and 1.8m width aluminium foldable scaffold tower available with and without a jack.

Bridge Scaffolding Tower

2m height and 7.5m width holding frame height of 2m with and without a jack. They have adjustable legs with dual break mainframes.
Aluminium Scaffolding Parts

Aluminium scaffolding tee joint piece, aluminium outrigger clamp, aluminium scaffolding T piece, aluminium scaffolding brace hook, aluminium scaffolding platform hook, pivot plug, and hinge are some of the most common aluminium scaffolding parts. Every aluminium scaffolding part holds industry-standard certification. The uprights that keep the entire scaffolding structure standard to the ground are available with the listed suppliers. The flat tubes that join between the width are the ledgers. They stock a wide range of decks, toe boards, diagonal braces, base plates, couples and tubes.

Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding - Single & Double Width Tower

Safe to use and quick to transport
Contains lockable castors up to 200mm
Ideal for internal and external building maintenance with two platforms
Comes with a warranty period of 5 years

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