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The Foto Petroleum Products is a dynamic proactive international business group that consistently provides value, elibility quality and Customer satisfaction we leverage our core competencies of manufacturing, marine services and procurement to continually expand our products lines and diversifies our business portfolio. The Foto group continues to develop its core business divisions which include marine services and petroleum fuels, complete turnkey projects of lube divisions, automotive lubricants, and steel fabrication.

To achieve these goals, the group has invested in extensive research and development capabilities, maintained superior quality control and exploited new opportunities. By doing so, the Foto group continues to enhance its international reputation as a truly industrial and commercial conglomerate.

Foto Petroleum Products LLC, a division of Foto group in Emirate manufactures FOTEX brand of automotive and industrial, marine lubricants in the UAE. It caters to both local as well as the export markets. The brand has been formulated using highly refined virgin mineral base oils, Synthetic Olefin CO-Polymers (OCP) and high quality performance improving additives specifically formulated for automotive engines. The grades are generally of dual purpose and can be used for both gasoline and diesel powered automotive engines.

FOTEX lubricants is available in both multi and mono grades with a protection to their engines.