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Lubricants in UAE

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Sole exclusive distributor of MIDLAND SWISS QUALITY OIL in Middle East region, South East Asia & Australia. We are offering the market with our imported lubricants directly from production line in SWITZERLAND.

Aspin Commercial Tower, Shaik Zayed RoadDubai93510
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Dealing with lubricant products such as hydraulic brake fluids, engines oil, marine oil, hydraulic oil and automotive radiator coolants.

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Plot-1397, Opp Hamriya, Jurf Industrial Area 3Ajman, UAE 23290
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DANA Lubricants Factory LLC, ISO 9001: 2008 Certified, API Approved as UAE MANUFACTURER OF LUBRICANT OILS & GREASE is Quality Manufacturer & Supplier of Automotive & Industrial Lubricant Oils in UAE and worldwide.

Suite No. 405-406, B Block, Centurion Star Building, Near Deira City CentreDubai, UAE 40743
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Dealing with lubricant products such as hydraulic brake fluids, engines oil, marine oil, hydraulic oil and automotive radiator coolants.

New Industrial AreaAjman, UAE 5082
Brands: STANLEY Lubricants |
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Al Quoz Industrial Area 4Ajman, UAE 16346
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Al Jurf Industrial AreaAjman, UAE 2774
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5th Floor, Jackys Building, Baniyas Square, DeiraDubai, UAE 251689
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100% Virgin Oil Automotive & Industrial Lubricants Including Chemical Dyes, Greases And Other Speciality Products.

Near NAD Furniture, New Indl AreaAjman, UAE 13979
Products & Services : LubricantsLubricants ManufacturersGrease
Brands: STARTEC Lubricants |

About Lubricants

More about Industrial Lubricant Manufacturers

Industrial lubricants, consisting of oils or greases, are essential for the smooth operation. They also improve the performance of vehicle gears and engines. They act as a slick barrier between machine components. They enhance the functional efficiency of machines. The dynamic global lubricant market will hit the 120 billion pound mark by 2027 proving that lubricants are essential for cars and factories. To buy synthetic greases online, check out our list of trusted suppliers and dealers in the UAE. High-temperature industrial lubricants are vital to operational efficiency and enduring performance. Find local sellers near you who offer affordable eco-friendly lubricants for car engines.

Lubricants are used in two main ways: automatic and manual. A technician applies manual lubricants using a grease gun. Automatic lubricants are put on by machines that give out the right amount needed for each part. Some of the top lubricants for the automotive industry are:

  • Gear oil
  • Bearing oil
  • Motor oil
  • Heat-resistant greases
  • Oil for chains and cables
  • Compressor oils
  • Hydraulic oils

To run and save fuel, modern boat engines need good-quality oils. These engines are lubricated with multi-grade engine oils. A commonly used multi-grade lubricant for heavy-duty marine diesel engines is SAE 15W-40. For marine cylinder lubrication, oils meeting the SAE 50 viscosity grade are standard. SAE 50 has a higher viscosity grade, which is important for making a strong oil film. The oil film goes between the cylinder liner and piston rings.

Here is a simplified list of some notable engine lubricants available in Dubai:

  • Servo MGO 20W-40 Engine Oil is a reliable choice for engine protection and performance.
  • Mobil Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is known for superior engine cleanliness and high-performance capabilities.
  • Motul Engine Oil for Cars Offers enhanced protection for modern car engines.
  • Shell Helix HX5 is a top-notch oil designed for diesel engines. It boosts their performance.
  • The Gulf Ultrasynth X SAE Car Engine Oil is a blend of synthetic oils. It is known for lubricating engines well and protecting them.
  • Bosch Fusion Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil is good for passenger cars. It has a mix of synthetic and mineral oil benefits. It works well in vehicles.
  • Mannol Hybrid Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is perfect for newer car engines. It protects against wear very well.

In Dubai, there are many popular brands and products to choose from for engine lubricants. These are highly respected for their quality and performance. These include:

  • Shell Helix is well-known for its top-notch synthetic oils. These oils safeguard and enhance engine performance.
  • Castrol EDGE is a top brand. It has synthetic oils for high performance and protection.
  • Mobil 1 synthetic oil is known for keeping engines clean and protecting against wear.
  • Total Quartz is a type of engine oil that Total offers. It is known for its fuel economy benefits and engine protection.
  • Valvoline SynPower is a full synthetic range that provides great high-temperature protection. It is made to keep engines running smoothly.
  • Motul 8100 is a top-quality brand. They make synthetic oils for modern high-performance engines.
  • Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is a top-notch synthetic oil. It cleans engines well and performs great in tough conditions.
  • Liqui Moly Synthoil is a popular choice for high-quality German engineering. It provides excellent lubrication and protects the engine.
  • Gulf Oil's synthetic range is highly regarded for how well it performs and protects different vehicle engines.
  • Amsoil Synthetic is well-known for its high-quality synthetic lubricants. These lubricants offer great wear protection and keep engines clean. They act as biodegradable lubricants for the environment.

Top Industrial Lubricant Supplier Companies in UAE

Get everything you need for building online from the top building material market leaders listed below.

  • Midland Swiss Quality Oil (Universal Partners), Dubai. Contact: 050-1075161
  • Sharq Al Jazeera Oil & Grease Industries LLC, Sharjah. Contact: 050-6353735
  • Avana Lubricant FZE, Ajman. Contact: 052-7660004
  • Radiant Lubricants LLC, Ajman. Contact: 050-8876288
  • Premier Lubricants Factory LLC, UAQ Contact: 050-9545458
  • Battery Master, Sharjah. Contact: 056-8130122
  • DITROL Lubricants FZE , Sharjah. Contact: 054-4900300
  • Rulexx Lubricants and Grease Ind LLC, Ajman. Contact: 06-7489690
  • Al Farhan Machinery Repairing and Maintenance, Ajman. Contact: 056-9117738
  • Lubenz Lubricants (Petro TM Oil DMCC), Dubai. Contact: 056-1338331

A Lubricant is a liquid or non-liquid substance that is used in machinery for the purpose of reducing friction. Lubricants are classified based on the materials from which they are produced. They are manufactured from animal fats and vegetable oils. In today’s world, lubricants are mainly made from minerals like petroleum and molybdenum sulfide. A Liquid lubricant is used with the purpose to reduce corrosion, wear and damage that is caused due to contamination. They are used because of their characteristics that tend to reduce and avoid corrosion and oxidation, and for their tolerance to high and low temperatures. A lubricant has varied applications; they are most commonly used as motor oils. The use of a lubricant in engines and other machinery reduces the wear and helps in the efficient functioning of the machinery. Umm Al Nar and Mussafah are the best known places to procure and to get in touch with manufacturers of lubricants.

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