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Cable Cover Tiles in Abu Dhabi

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About Cable Cover Tiles

Cable Cover Tiles in Abu Dhabi

A cable tile is a tuff piece of material made up of concrete, ceramic or granite. It is used to secure the cable laid under the ground and to denote the cables to the people who work close to the underground cables. It also makes it easier to identify the position of cables for repair and maintenance purposes. The Utility companies like the Telephone Company, chemical companies, electrical company, oil & Gas Company make sure to make use of cable tiles to guard the pipes as well as labours working close to it.

One big advantage of cable tiles is to act like a barrier for the pipes and any third party effects. It acts shields cables and protects us from risks. The manufacturing companies of cable tiles give an option to print custom words on the tiles which suit the material in the pipe underneath. You could also print the company logo on the tile with danger sign. There are different kinds of cable tiles available in different range of energy resistance and sizes as per needs of the customer.

There was “BS 2484” standard for the concrete & clayware cable tiles/covers which were withdrawn in the year 2012 yet many manufacturers follow the specifications. There are two types of cable tiles most preferred by customers are concrete and polyethylene. Along with manufacturers also make Route markers for the underground pipes/cables. There are various types of Cable route marker such as HT cable route Marker, FRP cable route marker, OFC route marker, Route marker and root marker. Crescent tiles factory LLC is a popular company which supplies cable tiles and Route markers based on customer requirements. The popular places to look for these items are Mussafah M 21 Abu Dhabi UAE, Sharjah, and Madinat Zayed Abu Dhabi.

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