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Cast Aluminium in Abu Dhabi

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About Cast Aluminium

Cast Aluminium

UAE is a major consumer of cast aluminum products. There are many contractors and consultants who specialize in manufacture and trade of cast aluminum and wrought products to meet the demand. The companies have the ability to design and manufacture any mould as per customer requirement and quality of cast products. They manufacture the cast products based on the purpose and nature of the product. Casting is a metalworking process where liquid metal is poured into a hollow cavity to mold it into the desired shape. The filling is made to cool down in order to make it hard and solidify it. Once the filling is rugged and strong, it is removed from the hollow cavity.

Casting methods are majorly categorized as conventional and modern casting techniques. Modern casting methods are further categorized as expandable and non-expandable casting. Aluminum alloys are widely used in engineering structures and components where components are required to be lightweight and corrosion resistant. Aluminum alloys are also been majorly used in the manufacturing of metal-skinned aircraft. There are certain properties of aluminium which distinguishes it from the other metals and alloys. It’s both lighter and inflammable. It is cost effective and non-ferrous material which makes it an ideal choice for Plaster mold casting, Shell molding, up to 30 KG production work in Investment casting, Die casting, Semi-solid metal casting and tilt filling.

Aluminium also has a very low melting point which makes it a desirable choice for several casting techniques. The popular places to look for Manufacturers and dealers of cast aluminium and wrought products are Al Quoz 2 Dubai, Industrial Area Umm Al Quwain, New Industrial area Ajman and SAIF Zone Sharjah.

Cast aluminium is one of the versatile metal, strong, durable and hence is used in many application like handrails, gates and also in fencing. Listed are the top cast aluminium building material products with any kind of specialised designs and products. Some of the major building products customised as per the client requirements include pergolas, handrails, gates, fencing, decorative handrails, lamp posts, railings, benches, balconies, walkways and dome. Aluminium and steel railings also offer a beautiful and neat powder-coat finish. Cast aluminium metal is so hard that it is mostly used to manufacture car parts and automobile parts. Cast aluminium handrails are designed with a unique match of structures that adds beauty and decor to the building. Cast aluminium is free from corrosion and resistance. They can withstand any kind of adverse temperature and weather conditions.

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