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About Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs

Concrete is a strong building material strengthened over time with hydration process used for rugged piece of jobs. It is a product obtained by blending cement, construction aggregates and water. Even though cement constitutes just 1/4th of the concrete, it decides the strength, sustainability and durability of the concrete. The chemical reaction between the cement and water is very crucial. If the moisture level in concrete is high, it could increase corrosion possibilities in the metal and reduce the strength of the concrete. If the water-cement-aggregate bond is weak and improper, it could lead to the deterioration of the concrete structures like drying-out of cement and divergent shrinkage causing cracking in the concrete.

Experts advise to maintain optimum level of moisture in the concrete structures. Environmental conditions also play a major role in damaging concrete, but a good concrete should be able to bear it. Concrete repair is very important to deteriorated concrete structures to restore/improve its structural integrity, revamp appearance, and to improve the durability and functional performance of the structure. The repair engineer investigates the symptoms and finds the cause to the deterioration and plans a repair process to restore the concrete structure. The repair analysis will determine the repair strategies. There are few common repair strategies such as, Removal and replacement of the defected concrete for surfacing, enhancing the strength of the concrete, stabilizing the affected concrete, water proofing and other form of environmental protection to the structure.

There are many recognized and established companies in UAE that expertise in concrete repair and restoration solutions. There are several other companies that manufacture and trade the repair products. These companies functions in all sectors of building structures. They offer custom solutions to customers depending upon the concrete issue, customer's budget, urgency and aesthetics. The popular places to look for repair and restoration solutions are Buhaira Corniche Sharjah, Al Quoz Industrial Area 2 Dubai, Mussafah-10 Abu Dhabi, Airport road Abu Dhabi, Deira Dubai and Ras Al Khor Industrial Area.

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