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Container Houses in Abu Dhabi

About Container Houses

Container houses are an eco-friendly and a cost-effective option as it involves recycling used shipping containers and re-designing them into homes. By re-using shipping containers you can save the environment by conserving 3,500 kilograms of steel as melting 3.5 tonnes of steel requires 8000 Kilowatts of electricity. Constructing homes from used containers are a fun thing to do as you can customise the home in different ways use different furniture and move them to the desired location. Used freight containers are relatively cheap and abundantly available as over 5,000 containers are condemned each year in the UAE. Some freight container manufacturers construct pre-designed container homes which can be remodelled to your liking. You can save 40 to 60% cost in construction as modifying and re-designing containers does not involve hard labour or the use of raw materials such as bricks, concrete or steel. Shipping containers are designed to bear heavy loads as they are designed in such a manner; they can be used in high seismic zones and hurricane-prone areas. They offer great resistance to high-speed winds and adverse climatic conditions; they are airtight and can resist sandstorms.

Container houses can be constructed easily and quickly as freight containers are enclosed with four walls, a roof and a bottom floor. Designers need to cut the container wall to set up doors and windows. They need to set up wiring systems and install electrical fixtures such as lights, fans air conditioners etc. Container house designers paint the interior of the container and set up wallpapers to decorate the interior by fitting attractive lighting options. They construct a small bathroom with a chemical toilet that is equipped with basic plumbing equipment. They make sure to seal the container doors to prevent hostile entry. Container house designers add decorative furniture such as bunk beds, tables small sized kitchen countertops and compact stacking chairs. Some designers offer off-site construction services where they design the home at a local workshop and deliver the finished product to the desired location. Most container houses can be easily broken into with the help of a blowtorch or a dynamite, therefore, house designers coat the container’s interior with reinforced steel to make sure that they are hard to break. Some popular locations to get in touch with container house designers and shipping container suppliers in Abu Dhabi are Musaffah, Airport road, Electra street, ICAD, Tourist club area and Musaffah Industrial area.

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