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Cr Coils in Abu Dhabi

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About Cr Coils

Cr Coils

Cr coils are the steel coils that are manufactured by passsing the steel between the rollers when the steel is subjected to high recrystellisation temperature by which the steel sheets are compressed and squeezed. The amount of pressure involved to compress the steel sheets are the process followed to roll the steel sheets to the desired thickness. Cold rolled steel sheets are used as section tubes, angle sections, t sections, sheets and thin steel strips, garage doors, security grills, conveyors, cladding, partitioning, storage, racking etc. Cold rolled sheets are highly preferred for their smooth finish, stronger and better surface. Cr coils are processed by subjecting the steel to cold reduction mills afetr which the materials are colled and then followed by annealing or tempering rolls. This helps to structure the steel into a wider range of thickness yet with a smoother finishing surface. Cold finishing steel bars are donr by the methods of cold drawing, grinding, turning and polishing. Get in touch with the top cr coil dealers, supplier and manufacturers operating in UAE.

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