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Crane And Lifting Solutions in Abu Dhabi

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About Crane And Lifting Solutions

Crane and Vacuum Lifting in UAE

Vacuum lifters assist to quickly move heavy objects like sacks and bags efficiently without damaging the material. They move objects right from heavyweight to the delicate glass material. Vacuum lifters hold multiple settings that give custom speed, power and precision options to suit any form of work. Listed are the leading suppliers and distributors of vacuum lifts and vacuum crane equipment in UAE. They deal with multiple power vacuum lifters like electric-powered, mechanical powered and air powered that has the lifting capacity up to 25kgs and even more. Some of the benefits of vacuum lifting mechanism include less downtime, efficient lifting capacity, simple operation, moves even in a tiny place, audio alarms to indicate unsafe lifting operations.

Vacuum lifter has an inbuilt vacuum pump that creates a constant vacuum in the pressure reservoir. When the power source is on, the vacuum lifting equipment pulls the air between the pad and the object. This action gives a sturdy suction seal between the lifting pad and the material. Multiple vacuum lifters can work side by side without interruption, thus making the operation quick and simple.