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Flood Bags in Abu Dhabi

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About Flood Bags

Flood Bags/Sandless Sandbags/ Self Inflating Bags:

  • 1. Flood bags are a good choice for general home and garden use. Our flood bags are well-made, strong and can withstand the significant pressure created by floodwaters.
  • 2. Our standard Flood Bags weigh less than 500 grams when dry, yet when immersed in water they can absorb up to 15-20 liters within few minutes.
  • 3. Using Super Absorbent Polymer technology, these Bags are easily and rapidly deployed when floods occurs by diverting water flow and saving precious minutes.
  • 4. Our Flood bags are lightweight, flat, absorbent product which can be hydrated on-site to 15 to 20 kilos to mitigate against commercial and residential flooding along with leaks and spills.


Jute Flood BagsPP Flood bags
 Size: 60x40 in CM Size: 60x40 in CM
 Weight: 400g approx Weight: 200 to 300g approx
 Weight After Inflation: 15-20kg approx Weight After Inflation: 15-20kg approx
 Inflation time: 3-5 minute Inflation time: 3-5 minute
 Material: Made of Jute with SAP filling Material: PP non-woven,Nano SAP
 Shelf-life: 1 year in dry condition Shelf-life: 1 year in dry condition


  • 1. Fast performing
  • 2. Innovative
  • 3. Low Cost
  • 4. Easy to store
  • 5. Easy to Deploy
  • 6. Environmentally-friendly
  • 7. Tough, lightweight
  • 8. Water Activated
  • 9. Self-contained


  • 1. Protection against floods
  • 2. Accidental Water Damage
  • 3. Storm Damage
  • 4. River and Lake Flooding

How to Use:

  1. Open the plastic bag containing bags
  2. Soak your bags in any of these ways
  1. Bucket, wheelbarrow or sink (Leave at least for 3-5 minute to soak water)
  2. Hose pipe or watering can
  3. Using rain water or even flood water itself
  4. Bags will continue to expand with water until it reaches full capacity.
  5. Place bags where its required to build defensive barriers or water deflectors
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