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Frosted Film in Abu Dhabi

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About Frosted Film

Frosted Film

Frosted film is a thin self adhesive film which can be applied on a window to provide an elegant design to the glass. They provide additional privacy to your workplace or home, they are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and are less expensive. Frosted films allow visible light to pass through and they are translucent in nature. Some films come in decorative patterns to suit the nature of the glass or the surrounding architecture. Some popular frosted films are frosted privacy film, crystal frosted film, and low opacity frosted film.

Frosted privacy film provides maximum privacy while allowing light to penetrate inside. This film contains finely grounded glass which gives the sparkle of a real frosted glass window, it is ideal for residential and commercial locations. Crystal frosted film provides average privacy and exhibits a photographic effect when exposed to sun rays. This film gives out a distinct sparkle in the window frosting which adds to a professional look to the glass.

A low opacity frosted film is water resistant and can be used for both internal and external windows. They can be cut in different ways to suit different glass. Some commonly used frosted films are plain frosted film, white frosted film, patterned frosted film, etch effect window film. They also come in different colors such as blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, red etc. Some popular locations to find frosted film in Abu Dhabi are Mussafah, Al Najda Street, Al Salam Street and Khalifa street.

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