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Industrial Magnets in UAE

Industrial magnets are produced in a wide range of shapes, types and patterns for their multipurpose use. Every magnet is manufactured based on the usage range. Listed are the masters in manufacturing some of the best quality industrial magnet manufacturing in the UAE. They guarantee that all the magnet manufactured are examined and prepared as per the industrial standard. Some of the most regularly used magnets are permanent magnets, electromagnets, rubber magnets, neodymium, sheet magnets and ferrite magnets. Neodymium is the most powerful variety of magnets available in the market. They are used today in every electromechanical, medical science, sensors, lifts, switches, printing industry and many more. Neodymium magnets with appropriate coatings are delivered as per the client needs. Some of the common magnetic coatings include rubber, epoxy, zinc, nickel, gold, phosphate, zinc chromate, titanium etc.

Magstar offers a broad family of magnetic tools, magnetic equipment, magnets and magnetic products. These electromagnets are utilised in a wide range of applications and fields like signage, office application, lifting and holding solutions. They also build magnets using materials like Neodymium, Ferrite, Flexible magnetic material, Alnico and Samarium cobalt. Using Neodymium magnets they stock an ample range of blocks, discs, pot magnets, cylinders, rings, spheres, self-adhesives and countersunk. Magnetic strips and magnetic sheets are also used as adhesive sheets, fridge magnets, c channel and u channel magnetic labels and many more. In-office and schools these magnetic strips play a major role to manufacture whiteboard magnets, office magnets, cardholders, hobby and craft magnets. Some of the magnetic tools and equipment are used in the market includes magnetic sweepers, electromagnets, magnetic lifters, plate magnets, fishing magnets, door latch magnets etc. Horseshoe magnets are made using alnico magnets. They also provide extensive customised options for clients. Rubber and plastic-encased magnets are also stocked by the listed magnet dealers in UAE. All of their magnetic products are super strong and provide the desired service as expected. But strong magnets online with the listed dealers in Dubai.

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