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Medical Equipment And Supplies in Abu Dhabi

Image for  Widex Audiology Centre
Flat No. 802, Same Building of Lulu Exchange, Tawash Building, Electra StAbu Dhabi111589
Image for  Faith Medical Equipment Trading LLC
Office # 248, GXP Business Centre, Malabar Gold Building, Hamdan StreetAbu Dhabi
Rotana Mall Bldg, Arabian Gulf St, Khalidiya AreaAbu Dhabi35880
Products & Services : Medical Equipment And Supplies
Muroor RdAbu Dhabi30524
Products & Services : Medical Equipment And Supplies
M Flr, Abdullah Bin Sinan Bldg, KhalidiaAbu Dhabi551
Products & Services : Medical Equipment And Supplies
M Flr, Al Ain S/Market Bldg, Al Estiqlal StAbu Dhabi7393
Opp Etisalat, Tourist Club AreaAbu Dhabi36185
Products & Services : Medical Equipment And Supplies
Old Mazda RdAbu Dhabi37571
Products & Services : Medical Equipment And Supplies
Rafco Bldg, Next to ADCB, Najda StAbu Dhabi47164
Store 294 A, Meena W/House Area, Mina ZayedAbu Dhabi46713
Building 2, Gulf Diagnostic Centre, Al Khaleej Al Arabi StreetAbu Dhabi285
Plot 29, M-9, MussafahAbu Dhabi72746
Near Russian Embassy, Ziyani AreaAbu Dhabi28784
Products & Services : Medical Equipment And Supplies
Al Mansoor Tower, Salam StAbu Dhabi31462
Products & Services : Medical Equipment And Supplies

About Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical Equipment and supplies are used to aid in diagnostic, monitoring and treatment procedures in hospitals and other healthcare establishments. Medical Equipment, technically termed as armamentarium is generally classified into surgical, diagnostic, durable, biomedical and therapeutic medical equipment. Successful surgeries are the outcome of two components, skill and equipment. With high requirements of surgeons to maintain high safety, precautionary and other medical-related standards, medical equipment is subject to those requirements too. Surgical equipment includes various tools used by a surgeon during a surgery. Although the skills of medical professionals in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE are unmatched and meet high international standards, availability of quality equipment is vital to the success of a surgery. Surgical equipment includes retractors like obstetrical hooks, nerve hooks, and skin hooks, which are used to separate the edges of a wound or incision; cutting instruments like dissecting knives, tenotomy scissors and bone chisels; haemostatic forceps-like mosquito forceps, kocher forceps and Kelly forceps; and grasping instruments like dissecting forceps. Apart from these surgical props, other surgical medical equipment and supplies include dilators, surgical trays, towel forceps, surgical needles and surgical implants.

Before Surgery come diagnosis, which includes a wide range of diagnostic equipment used to identify, prove and diagnose various illnesses and health conditions. Some common diagnostic equipment includes x-ray machines, stethoscopes, MRI machines, thermometers, CT scanners, PET scanners, blood pressure monitors, ultrasound machines, and so on. Proper diagnosis is key to determining the right type of treatment, which is why these pieces of medical equipment and supplies require precision in calibration and regular maintenance. Therapeutic Equipment is used in therapeutic treatments, such as laser therapy equipment, magnetotherapy equipment, and electrotherapy devices. Biomedical equipment is used to calibrate ventilators and control the application of anaesthesia, and in testing other medical equipment and supplies. Other medical equipment and supplies like wheelchairs, hospital beds, oxygen tents, and walkers are categorized under durable medical goods. Medical equipment is used to diagnose and identify the factor causing issues in human body. Two types of medical equipment and supplies are available in the general medical industry. They are disposable medical equipment and non-disposable medical equipment. The reusable medical equipment is often sterilized for clean and safe usage. Medical equipment dealt by the listed companies include surgical medical equipment and the basic diagnose tools used by the nurse. Some of the disposable medical equipment include syringe, cotton, air filters, lancets etc. Top medical equipment supplies in Abu Dhabi are listed. Get in touch to receive instant quotes on any type of medical equipment.

Importers, stockists, traders and certified suppliers of medical equipment and supplies in Abu Dhabi deal with products that meet strict local and regional standards. Diagnostic equipment is used to detect medical ailments, tumours, internal bleeding and any type of internal abnormalities. Medical equipment suppliers provide different types of therapeutic equipment such as Nordic track, treatment tables, ultrasound, iso kinetics, electrical muscle stimulation machine, exercise bike, exercise balls, physiotherapy equipment and blood pressure monitor. Some other types of therapeutic equipment include active passive trainers, functional capacity evaluation equipment, hand therapy equipment, pegboard tests, play therapy, push-pull dynamometers and strength testing device. Medical equipment suppliers also supply medial consumables such as cotton gauze, bandages, wound heal ointments, antiseptic solution, disposable syringes and other first aid requirements. Other types of hospital consumables are antibacterial wipes, bags, instant ice, patient care gloves, disposable gloves, disposable aprons, disposable patient gowns and bedpans. Armamentarium suppliers deal with distributing special therapeutic equipment such as Baltimore therapeutic equipment, bulb dynamometer, functional capacity machine, Jamar dynamometer, hand function tester, martin vigorimeter, finger dexterity tester, Purdue pegboard, monofilament machine, physical capacity evaluation tester and valpar component work sample tester. Medical equipment and supplies also include doctor diagnostic equipment and surgical equipment such as scissors, stethoscope, doctor mask, surgical head cap, blood pressure cuff, saline solution, disinfectants, sterile gauze sponge and dissection tool. Some popular locations to get in touch with retailers who distribute medical equipment and supplies in Abu Dhabi are Airport Road, Electra Street, Arabian Gulf Street, Khalidiya area, Plot 125, Muroor road, Abdullah Bin Sinan building, Khalidia, Al Estiqlal Street tourist club area, Old Mazda road, A block, Cty center building Hamdan Street, Najda Street and UAQ bank building.