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B-506, Bel Rashid Twin Towers, Al Qusais 3Dubai, UAE 127616


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Office 01,Mussafah Compound Building 7, M4, MusaffahAbu Dhabi, UAE
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Shop 4, Musaffah 37Abu Dhabi, UAE 108380


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Al Quoz Industrial Area 4Dubai, UAE


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Office 1, Opp Modern Bakery, ICAD, M-44, MussafahAbu Dhabi, UAE 92450
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Office M24, Alphamed Building, Hor Al Anz East, Abu HailDubai, UAE
04-2389996Call055-8763747Callwhatsapp icon Whatsapp
Logo for  Elite Specialities Trading SP LLC - Cable And Wire Suppliers in UAE
Office 03, Building 24, M-9, MusaffahAbu Dhabi, UAE 8353
Logo for  Fakhri Tools and Workshop Material Trading LLC - Cable And Wire Suppliers in UAE
Near Emirates Gas Signal, Industrial Area 1Ajman, UAE 9234
Near Sana Fashions, Al Wahda St, Indl Area 1Sharjah, UAE 1984
Shop 9, Nakheel Centre, DeiraDubai, UAE 14183
About Cable and Wire Suppliers

Cable and wire suppliers in UAE have a strong distribution network across the region to facilitate easy delivery to clients. They cater to various segments such as residential, commercial, mining, industrial, and transmission. Most suppliers stock cables from reputed manufacturers such as well as from regional manufacturers. The conduct wire and cable can be made of several types of conductor material such as aluminium & aluminium alloys, copper & copper alloys, and clad steel. They come in different varieties such as solid wire, stranded wire, flat strap wire, and flat braid wire. The cable and wires should comply with the national and local regulations.

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