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Offshore Company Formation in Abu Dhabi

About Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company Formation

Any organization or a company is referred to as a legal entity that is engaged in a group of business activities which are compiled to the business laws. A company can be formed either by an individual or partnership or corporate or even public and private. Offshore companies are those that are present outside or far from the main city of jurisdiction basically running or managing or operating the business outside the country. Offshore companies are those for which there is very less or no tax implied. This is one of the major advantages of the offshore companies. Certain duties like municipal tax are implied only for certain business categories like tobacco, liquor etc. Offshore companies or the international investment companies have hundred percent ownership on the company regulations and ownership whereas the companies established in the mainland has a mandatory share of the locals in the business. Offshore companies often require simple registration process. Hence it takes very less time to setup a company in offshore upon submission of the required documents. Offshore companies require very less capital investment. United Arab Emirates has many offshore locations that are ideal to setup the company. Some of them include RAK, JAFZA, Ajman, International city, Sharjah free zone and many more. Generally offshore companies are mistaken for free zone companies. Both of them don’t have a local sponsor associated with them, yet they differ in certain qualities. offshore companies have a certain feature which makes them differ from free zone companies. though they enjoy hundred percent ownership the offshore companies cannot be a direct substitute for free zone companies.

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