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Uv Lamps in Abu Dhabi

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About Uv Lamps

UV Lamps in UAE

UV lamp finds its usage in a broad range of commercial and industrial applications like ink drying, coatings, disinfection of bacteria and virus, tanning and fluorescent inspection. Listed here are the leaders of UV lamp suppliers, dealers and manufacturers in UAE. They deal with every type of UV light in the market germicidal UV lights, U-shaped, enhanced, high intensity and cold cathode germicidal lamps in UAE. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps play a primary role in water and air treatment to control the bacteria as they can effortlessly achieve without the use of any harmful chemicals. Uv light has a shorter wavelength when compared to the sunlight. The most commonly used UV lights are the incandescent UV light bulbs. These UV light rays are small in wavelength hence creates very less harm to human health. The latest invention in the UV bulbs have found to kill the virus and commonly used in airports, stations and schools.

UV Lamps Working

UV lamp electrodes receive the power from the power supply, which forms an electric arc generated from the ionized gas mixture that conducts electricity. An optimal power supply protects the lamp and wiring. When the temperature of the electric arc rises, the mercury inside the UV lamp also gets converted into a gaseous vapour state. The amount of mercury and the vapour pressure of mercury in the UV light determines the UV range. Based on the electrical excitation and mercury ionization levels, the UV lamps are known as Low-pressure UV lamps, Amalgam pressure UV lamps and Medium pressure UV lamps. UV lights are proven to fight the Coronavirus in the latest study.

Types of UV Lamps with the listed suppliers

Medical Lamps
Halogen Lamps
Discharge Lamps

Disinfection and sterilization services are in demand during this pandemic situation, and UV lamps act as a reliable UV resource for disinfection systems. Contact the listed dealers, suppliers and manufacturers of UV lamps in UAE. They hold a team of experts who guides on the right UV lamps based on the client requirement. Apart from this Ultra Violet energy also saves energy consumption with reliable UV sources worldwide.

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