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Waste Collection in Abu Dhabi

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About Waste Collection

Waste collection results in effective waste management in a neighbourhood or area. It prevents environmental pollution and keeps the surrounding environment neat and clean. Waste collection services are provided by local municipal corporations which are owned and operated by the government. They provide a wide range of waste management services such as block collection, kerbside collection, door to door collection and yard collection. In block collection, the waste collector rings a bell or sounds a horn to alert residents at a specific location to bring waste to the collection vehicle. This is a very economical and effective method of waste collection. In kerbside collection service the waste is left outside a property and later collected by a garbage truck or waste collection vehicle or sweeper. This is a very convenient method and does not require a permanent public storage waste bin. The door to door collection service is a conventional method where the waste collector knocks at each door in the residence and collects the waste. Yard collection service is where a waste collector enters a property to remove waste.

Some popular waste collection services include medical waste collection, hazardous waste collection, biodegradable waste collection, non-biodegradable waste collection, liquid waste collection and industrial waste collection. Waste collection companies also perform waste management, waste disposal and waste recycling. Some popular waste management services include clinical waste management, confidential waste management, sustainable waste management, hazardous waste management, radioactive waste management and biomedical waste management. Waste management services ensure that the waste is collected and sorted accordingly to help in effective waste recycling. Some popular waste recycling services are paper recycling, glass recycling, plastic recycling, cardboard recycling, packaging waste recycling, oil recycling and WEE recycling. Other waste collection services include washroom services, refuse collection, shredding etc.

A commercial waste collection is done by a licensed waste collection company. These companies collect waste from manufacturing plants and commercial establishments. The waste collectors wear protective clothing to collect industrial and hazardous waste such as radioactive waste, nuclear waste, used medical equipment and disposed of surgical equipment. They follow different methods in waste disposal and prevent environmental pollution. Some popular waste disposal methods include landfill disposal, recovery or recycling, plasma gasification and composting. They also perform waste to energy conversion which involves converting non-recyclable waste to usable heat, electricity or fuel. This method helps reduce carbon emissions and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which provide waste collection services in Abu Dhabi are Hamdan Street, Musaffah, NBQ building, Muroor road, Musaffah Industrial area, airport road and Electra Street.