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Access Control System And Equipment in UAE

Gulf Stream InfoTech is UAE’s leading authorized distributor for IT products and security components. As an IT distributor we always want the customers to provide an end to end solutions in all challenging situations.

Behind Royal Rose Hotel, Electra StreetAbu Dhabi105927
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Behind Royal Rose Hotel, Electra StreetAbu Dhabi, UAE 105927
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Al KharramRas Al Khaimah, UAE
103, PTC, AI Quoz Industrial Area 3Dubai, UAE 113542
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Office No. 10, Mai Tawer, Al Nahda 1Dubai, UAE 60722
Al MamzarDubai, UAE 44839

About Access Control System and Equipment

Access Control System And Equipment

Access control system is a mechanism or a security technique that is used to manage who can enter a facility or who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. There are two kinds of access control: physical access control which limits access to buildings or campuses and logical access which limits connections to computer networks, system files and data. Access control systems are used to lock all doors of a business, the system can be scheduled to lock and unlock all doors. Access control also provides increased security because each employee is provided with a unique access credential which might be a code, serialized number or fingerprint template and if the employee is terminated the access can be revoked immediately. Access systems can also be used be to limit employee access to certain buildings on the campus or time parameters could be setup that limits employees from accessing the facility after a certain time of the day.

Access control systems also provide the management with transaction logs to identify which employee entered the facility through which door and at what time. An access control system allows the management to monitor and restrict who has access to the building. Nakheel street and Port Saeed street in Deira, Dubai and Baniyas Najda street in Abu Dhabi are some of the popular destinations in UAE to find manufacturers and suppliers of access control systems. Some of these companies also provide various types of access control systems that are customized to meet the requirements of different companies.