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Air Curtains in UAE

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About Air Curtains

Air Curtains

An air curtain is a device that is installed at the entrance of a facility that requires air conditioning with an open entrance. When the door of a facility that is air conditioned needs to be opened or closed often, the heat in the room increases and there is a chance of insects and dust finding its way into the room. The air conditioner would also have to work more hard to cool to room to the given temperature while consuming more energy than would otherwise be required. This problem is sorted out with the installation of an air curtain.

The air curtain functions by blowing temperature controlled air down across the opening of the room at a high velocity. The stream of air acts as a curtain and does not allow the cool air from the room to escape and also does not allow air from the outside to enter the room. It also does not allow insects or dust from entering the room. Air curtains are used in shopping malls and stores that are air conditioned and any facility that requires air conditioning with an open entrance. The air curtain that is installed also assists in the efficient running of the air conditioner and assists in the economic use of energy. Companies in UAE manufacture and supply air curtains and also provide installation and maintenance services. Business Bay and Al Quoz industrial area 1 in Dubai are some of the prine locations to find manufacturers of air curtains in UAE.