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Battery in Ajman

About Battery


A battery is a device that can change chemical energy to electrical energy by making certain chemicals come in contact with each other. Batteries are divided into two major categories such as primary and secondary batteries. Primary batteries are batteries that cannot be recharged and have to be disposed after use whereas secondary batteries are rechargeable. Silver-oxide batteries, alkaline batteries, Zinc carbon batteries, and mercury batteries are some of the primary batteries. Lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries come under the secondary category. These batteries are rechargeable and can be used for an extended period of time.

Alkaline batteries are non-rechargeable but are long lasting and are commonly used in clocks, radios, and remote controls,. These batteries are also ideal for mp3 players, and digital cameras because of their longevity. Zinc-carbon batteries are also called dry cells that are ideal for low drain applications such as toys, flash lights, table clocks and remote controls. Lithium and Silver oxide batteries are commonly used in instruments like calculators, wrist watches, digital diaries, ipods, and artificial pacemakers. Mercury batteries are used in electronic devices.

Lead-acid batteries are used in automobiles to power lighting and ignition systems of the vehicle. Lead-acid batteries are also available in another form called wet cell batteries that are used as a backup power supply at telephone exchanges, portable emergency lights, personal computers, and high end servers. Some of the most popular locations in UAE to get in touch with the suppliers and manufacturers of batteries are SAIF zone in Sharjah, Al Quoz Industrial area 4 in Dubai and Mussafah in Abu Dhabi.