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Crash Rated Bollards

Bollards are the safety and security metal or steel posts that are used by the private or government agencies to protect the public space, buildings or people from vehicle ramming attacks. They are hinged at the ground level with the folding options allowing the vehicle to run over them. Temporary or permanent bollards are available based on client needs. Many types of crash rated bollards are available which are broadly grouped as flexible bollards, car parking bollards, racing bollards, electric bollards, security bollards, protective bollards with lights, etc. Removable, collapsible and fixed bollards are the widely used crash rated bollards in UAE. Crash test certified bollards are generally referred to as 'K' rated. K8, K14, and K4 are the fixed road bollards issued by the Department Of State that measures the accurate ability of the permissible vehicles. Listed are the top crash rated bollard suppliers in UAE. All of their bollards are designed in such a way that it has a flat surface and allows the vehicle to pass through them without any block. They are also equipped with an automatic control system that can be customized with the customer-specific control options

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