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Safety Equipment in Ajman

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About Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is a broad term that covers a wide range of equipment that is used to protect individuals from mishaps, injuries and exposure to hazardous substances. Personal protective equipment is the protective clothes, helmets, shoes, goggles and other safety gear worn by professionals in different fields of work to protect themselves from causalities, infection and other life threatening situations. Safety equipment is requirement across various fields from oilfields and chemical industries to the fire fighting department and mining industries.

Safety equipment that is used for respiratory protection includes surgical masks, N-95 respirators, half mask respirators, full-face respirators and respirator cartridges. These respiratory protection gears protects professionals who work n hazardous environments form acid gas, organic vapor, fumes, mist, microorganisms, chemical vapor, dust and airborne transmissible diseases. Body protection safety equipment includes flame resistant coats and polyester coats that offer splash protection. These coats are worn by professionals who deal with water or air reactive chemicals and potentially explosive chemicals.

There are different kinds of gloves that are also a part of safety equipment such as wire mesh gloves that are cut resistant, insulated gloves for those working with hot liquids and open flames, heavy chemical resistant gloves and light chemical resistant gloves that are worn by when handling chemicals. Safety gear for the protection of eyes includes laser safety glasses, chemical splash glasses, impact goggles and face shields. Some of the most popular locations in UAE to find manufacturers and suppliers of safety equipment are industrial area 12 in Sharjah and industrial area 3 and Sheikh Zayed road in Dubai.

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