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Aluminium Fly Mesh Insect Guard in UAE

About Aluminium Fly Mesh Insect Guard

Fly Mesh in UAE

Fly mesh is a protective covering against flies, insects and even dust. They let only fresh air enter your living space. There are multiple types of fly mesh screens available in the market. Here is a list of top fly mesh screen suppliers and distributors for industrial and domestic fly mesh screens. The standard fly mesh screen is lightweight and easy to install. It is highly suitable for house windows and doors. They are available in black, grey and white colour. Aluminium fly mesh is durable and rust-resistant. They are appropriate for industrial applications. Stainless steel fly mesh is a strong fly mesh and resistant to corrosion. They are durable and puncture resistant. Black aluminium is an easy bend ideal for soffit and cladding applications. Heavy-duty high mesh strip fly is suitable for restaurants, commercial kitchens, bakeries and other food processing units. The fly screen strips are 200mm wide and manufactured using a super-quality heavy-duty polyester mesh. The panels are easy to clean and fix back. Pet-resistant mesh is designed to resist punctures and tears caused by pets. No-see-um mesh keeps out small insects like gnats and midges. Solar mesh blocks sunlight and reduces heat and glare while still allowing ventilation.

Retractable fly screens are the most popular as they give the luxury of retracting the fly mesh when it is not in use. They are mesh or woven fabric and ideal for windows, doors, and other openings. Hinged fly screens are aluminium or PVC frames with mesh or woven fabric. Sliding fly screens can open horizontally or vertically. They are perfect for larger windows or patio doors. Fixed fly screens are permanently fixed in place and cannot be opened or closed. Magnetic fly screens are designed to attach to the window frame using magnetic strips. They are easy to instal, clean and maintain. Roll-up screens are available in a range of sizes and colours to match your decor. Pleated screens are typically mounted inside of the window or door frame and can be easily retracted when not in use. Vertical sliding screens are ideal for tall windows and doors and easy to operate. Horizontal sliding screens are installed inside the window or door frame. The motorized fly screen can be controlled using a motor or a remote.

Type of Fly MeshMaterialMesh CountDiameterFeatures
 Standard Fiberglass Mesh Fiberglass 18x16 0.011" Lightweight, UV resistant, easy to install
 Aluminum Mesh Aluminum 18x16 0.011" Durable, suitable for high-traffic areas
 Stainless Steel Mesh Stainless steel 18x16 0.011" Strong, resistant to corrosion
 Pet-Resistant Mesh Vinyl-coated polyester 14x10 0.025" Durable, resistant to punctures and tears from pets
 Solar Mesh Polyester 36x25 0.023" Blocks sunlight and reduces heat and glare

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