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About Aluminium Kitchens

Aluminium Kitchens in UAE

Aluminium kitchen cabinets are the latest trends in the modular kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Are you looking forward to remodelling your kitchen, aluminium kitchen cabinets are the fastest emerging trends in the latest days of the modular kitchen world. Aluminium kitchen cabinets with sleek and glaze finish give a natural fit to the modular kitchen. Apart from the look, aluminium kitchen cabinets are budget-friendly and easy to clean. Listed here are the leading aluminium kitchen cabinets manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in UAE. They develop attractive kitchen cabinets fabricated with aluminium and custom-designed as per the client requirement. Aluminium kitchen cabinets give longer life when compared to the wood and the other material. Aluminium kitchen cabinets do not expand, shrink or warp. The finished product is laminated and painted with polyurethane coating. Suppliers listed here develops high-quality crockery units, modular kitchen furniture, kitchen cabinets, kitchen trolleys and kitchen wall units. Kitchen cabinets need frequent cleaning as they are the most frequently used location at home. Aluminium kitchen cabinets maintain the surface moist free this, in turn, improves the life and durability of the aluminium kitchen cabinets. They give no room for rust. These qualities make aluminium a perfect choice for modular kitchens.

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen cabinets? Here we have grouped the list of kitchen cabinet manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in UAE. Aluminium kitchen cabinets are the latest trends in the modular kitchne design not only because of the enourmour advantages also but the stunning design and finish that they create. Aluminium is the most predominant kitchen cabinets as their design models are outstanding when compared to the traditional wooden and fireboard kitchen cabinets. Aluminium not only makes the cabinets but also used to make cabinets latis pots, stoage baskets, corner unit, undersink accessories. So the complete modular kitchen is structured using one metal (i.e.) aluminium. When it comes to aluminium modula kitchen, not only the cabinet doors but the entire modular kitchen is made out of aluminium. Clients can enjoy the stable metal advantages which is non-corrosive, anti rustic, inflammable and oudourless.

Modular kitchens up of aluminium are durable, safe, clean, hygienic, waterproof and termite free. Listed are the leading aluminium kitchen cabinet distributors. They customise to suit diverse kitchen styles and storage cabinets. They create an organised and convenient experience apart from ensuring maximum space in the kitchen. Aluminium cutlery organisers and trays removes clutters and chaos. They come with dicisions of various size which is ideal to store cutleries of varied size. Bottle pull outs and basket draw pullouts are smart to stoge and organise kitchen essentials like cooking oils, sauce bottles and other ingredients. Tall kitchen units are part of the mofular kitchen. It acts as a one store shop to store all the required containers. Neverthless to mention that the corner units and the under sink cabinets space are also utilised by attaching aluminium shelf holders to utilise the space for other storage materials. The L-shaped modular kitchen layouts are the most popular kitchen model that are ideal for compact spaced homes. U shaped mmodular kitchens designs are suitable for larger homes and studio apartments need call for a single line modular kitchen.

Aluminium Cabinets - Full Height Door Based Cabinets
Reduced Depth Single Base Cabinets - H-870mm, Depth-285mm Single adjustable shelf hand by hinge
Reduced Depth Double Base Cabinets - H-870mm, Depth-285mm Single adjustable shelf
Single Base Cabinets With Pull Out Basket - H-870mm, Depth-570mm Single adjustable shelf hand by hinge
Corner Cabinets - H-870mm, Depth-570mm Single adjustable shelf
L Shaped Corner Cabinets - H-870mm, Depth-570mm supplied in two parts, one part RFA and one part assembled
45 Degree Base Cabinets - H-870mm, Depth-570mm Single adjustable shelf
Single and Double Door Cabinets With Base Units - H-870mm, Depth-285mm adjustable rack shelf with dummy drawers
Sink Cabinets With Three Drawers - H-870mm, Depth-570mm, Two or more dummy drawers 159mm high
Belfast Sink Cabinets - H-600mm, Depth-570mm supplied with sink liner
Wicker Basket Cabinets - H-870mm, Depth-570mm available in melamine cabinet colours
Accent Base Open Display Units - H-870mm, Depth-285mm Available in matt finish with multiple colours
Spice and Wine Rack Cabinets - H-870mm, Depth-285mm racks capable of holding 12 bottles
Plate Rack Cabinets - H-870mm, Depth-285mm
Drop Down Cabinets - H-363mm, Depth-285mm
Insert Handle Cabinets - H-561mm, Depth-285mm adjustable shelf
Bifold Wall Cabinets With Insert Handle - H-724mm, Depth-285mm single adjustable shelf

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