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Antiseptic Disinfectant in UAE

About Antiseptic Disinfectant

Antiseptic Disinfectants in UAE

Antiseptic disinfectant is a chemical agent that removes bacterial infections in the space around us. Antiseptics are much different when compared to disinfectants. Antiseptics are applied on the body whereas disinfectants help to remove microorganism from the countertops and floors. As antiseptics and disinfectants are in high demand during this COVID-19 pandemic situation, here we have the leading disinfectants suppliers, dealers and manufacturers in UAE. Antiseptic disinfectants liquid has the most effective formula comprising of Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Cetrimide that effectively acts on the micro bacterial infections and kills them instantly. Application of disinfectants is extensive and finds its use in hospitals, home, laundry, housekeeping and also on wounds. Healthcare industry and doctors recommend antiseptic disinfectant for their powerful germ-killing capacity.