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Asset Tagging in UAE

903, Al Hawai Tower, Before 1st I-Change, Sh Zayed RdDubai, UAE 64003

About Asset Tagging

Asset Tagging

An asset tag is used to uniquely identify the equipment using a unique serial number or barcode. They are labels with an adhesive backing and are made up of anodized aluminum or laminated polyester. Barcodes are used on these labels to improve the speed of data entry and reduce room for error. This enables data entry operators gather, organize and maintain information about all assets. Most labels use barcodes to extract the product information. They reduce room for error as they do not need to manually track asset information.

Asset tags help simplify the process of tracking information, decrease time taken for maintenance and keep track of costs. They help reduce loss and theft of products. Not all assets need tags, products which are of high value and are crucial for operation need to be labeled. Products which are prone to be stolen, misused or damaged need to be tagged. Some products which need to be labeled are computers, office equipment, peripherals, appliances, machines, tools, furniture equipment and vehicles.

Indoor products such as computers and other related hardware equipments are not as durable as outdoor equipment whereas items with high theft rate need to use tamper evident tags. Some tags contain MRO information which displays a database of repair instructions or maintenance schedules. Some popular locations to find companies which issue asset tags in UAE are Al Hawai tower, Sheik Zayed road in Dubai.