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Beds Manufacturers in UAE

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Beds Manufacturers

Beds are generally the main pieces of furniture in a bedroom. Beds are of many types, with innumerous variations in make size and other specifications. Most beds today consist of a soft mattress and a bed frame or a solid base. Generally, beds and bed frames are either made using cast iron, steel or wood, carved and fabricated into standard designs or huge, attractive bed sets. Many beds consist of a box spring base and a mattress box that supports and provides additional suspension for the mattress. However, beds are available in a wide variation of sizes from baby cots to king-size beds designed for two adults. The common types of beds include single mattress beds, double mattress beds, queen size beds and kings size beds, and temporary, inflatable and collapsible beds.

Bed and Bedding play an important role in our everyday lives, from getting enough rest before a busy day, to relaxing on the weekend. Furniture and bed manufacturers design and produce standard beds, single-component beds, DIY home-assembly beds, bed frames, bed posts, and other types of beds and bed accessories. Creativity and artistic implementation in the home decor and furnish industry, have been employed in bed designs for decades. Some of the most common types of beds include Divan beds, Sleigh beds, Sofa beds, Futon Beds, Bunk beds, Mid-sleepers, Cabin beds, Loft beds, Cot beds, Trundle beds, Four-poster beds, Canopy beds, Platform or panel beds, Storage beds, Air beds, Waterbeds, Murphy beds, Adjustable beds, sleeping bags, and folding cots.

Apart from the more traditional types of beds, and other various beds, some beds like hammocks do not require a frame or a mattress. However, the types of beds mentioned above are some of the most commonly used types of beds in households across the globe. With a huge diversity of people in the UAE, from different cultures and with different tastes, there are a large number of bed manufacturers in the UAE. These manufacturers deal with all types of beds and supply them through outlets or other retail stores like one at Murshid Bazar in Deira, Dubai, UAE.