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Coding Printers in UAE

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About Coding Printers

Coding Printers

Almost all the packaged products that we use has a coding and marking information about the product and their serial number and various other unique identifiers. These markings are made to provide customers with the information about the product safety and avoid counterfeiting. These coding are regulated from international standard laws and regulations. It is essential to print the unique identifying codes in a standard marking equipment. Various printing techniques are available in the market like inkjet printing, thermal printing and laser coding. Unreadable or poor-quality barcode information’s lead to unhappy clients sometimes fines also. Most of them uses CIJ technology which uses a high-pressure pump that pushes the liquid through a gun body holding a microscopic nozzle. This creates a continuous line of ink droplets printing the information on the product. This CIJ technology is used in flexible packaging, wood, cardboard boxes, polypropylene etc. This is the oldest technology used but is still in use by some of the companies. Thermal inkjet printing contains cartridges with large number of chambers. They use pigments or dyes to achieve the printing. Drop on demand is the most useful and easiest way to print barcodes. This technology uses a piezoelectric material to print. This material changes the shape and applies the pressure to print thr unique code. Case coding is one of the high resolution printers that are used widely nowadays. Above listed are the top coding printing services offering companies in United Arab Emirates.