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Concrete Blocks Machinery in UAE

About Concrete Blocks Machinery

Concrete Blocks Machinery

Concrete blocks are more commonly known as known as masonry units and are used in the construction of buildings, walls, and other concrete structures. Concrete blocks are usually made of cast concrete, which is a mix of Portland cement and aggregates. The aggregates vary with the density of the block, high-density blocks use sand or gravel, low-density blocks may use industrial wastes, and lightweight blocks use aerated concrete. These concrete blocks are more commonly known as breeze blocks or cinder blocks in non-technical terms. Concrete blocks can either be solid or hollow concrete blocks. Sold concrete blocks are more commonly used; they are heavy and manufactured from dense materials. Solid blocks are strong and provide good structural stability, most suitable in the construction of weight bearing walls. Solid concrete blocks are bigger than bricks and normally take less construction time than when using bricks. Hollow concrete blocks are blocks that contain a void of about 25% - 50% of the entire area. The hollow parts of these blocks are divided into several components for different purposes. Hollow blocks are lightweight blocks made from light materials and are easy to install. Hollow concrete blocks are produced in several types, namely stretcher, corner, pillar, jamb, partition, lintel, frogged and bull nose blocks.

crete blocks are produced using concrete block machines, which use casting concrete to mold a particular type of block. These machines play an important role in making concrete block available for construction. These machines differ in the type of blocks they produce and the process of molding these blocks. The most common types of concrete blocks machines are Automatic, Semi-automatic, manual, mobile, Hydraulic and egg laying machines. The machines differ in size and capacity and are usually a preference of quantity of blocks to be produced. The average productive capacity of automatic concrete block machines ranges from 1800 pieces an hour to 4500 pieces an hour. Concrete blocks machinery in UAE are use in the production of concrete blocks used in almost all construction projects. The blocks can be directly purchased in large quantities from producers or construction equipment suppliers. Other agencies provide hire, lease and sale of various concrete blocks machinery in UAE. A few of these agencies are located at Al Khor Industrial Are in Dubai and Jebel Ali free zone.